Timbuk2 Command vs Classic

For a long time, Timbuk2 bags have always been preferred by many people. Timbuk2 bags are heavily popular because of the outstanding quality and durability. They are also usually equipped with nice and useful features. Now, if you are looking for a high-quality messenger bag, there are Timbuk2 Command and Timbuk2 Classic, two heavily popular messenger bags on the market. Well, even though both of these two items are classified as messenger bags, there are actually important differences between these two models. Besides, Timbuk2 Command is usually a little bit more expensive than Timbuk2 Classic. So, which is the bag that you better choose?

For sure, both Timbuk2 Command and Timbuk2 Classic are available in various sizes and color options. So, you should be able to find one model that suits your taste and is large enough for your laptop and other belongings without being too bulky. However, Timbuk2 Command’s models are generally bigger than the Timbuk2 Classic’s counterparts. There are other discrepancies in the designs of these two messenger bags. We can see that on Timbuk2 Classic, the flap buckles are partially concealed. There are bottom compressions straps for subtle and secure closure, and the waterproof TPU liner and flap corners fold into place for optimum weatherproofing. On the other hand, Timbuk2 Command’s flap buckles are fully exposed as they are installed on the outside. Indeed, Timbuk2 Command looks better and more elegant, whereas Timbuk2 Classic has a more functional look. See Also: Timbuk2 Command vs Commute.

Both Timbuk2 Command and Timbuk2 Classic are weatherproof, though they are not completely resistant to water. At least, they do offer a degree of protection against temporary exposure to rain.

The most distinctive difference between these two models is that Timbuk2 Command is a laptop messenger bag, whereas Timbuk2 Classic is a regular messenger bag. Timbuk2 Command features a special sleeve that is well padded for storing a laptop, and it is TSA-compliant. There is also a separate padded sleeve for an iPad. On the other hand, Timbuk2 Classic actually also has a wide sleeve that you can use for putting a laptop, too, but the sleeve is not padded. So, the protection is rather minimum. Timbuk2 Classic is not TSA-compliant.

Timbuk2 Command vs Classic

- 100% Polyester
- Imported
- TSA- compliant laptop portage meets urban sophistication
- 100% Polyethylene
- Made in USA or Imported
- Internal organizer for pens, phones, and other small stuff, Internal water bottle pocket

If you are going to carry a laptop with this messenger bag, we recommend you to choose Timbuk2 Command. The sleeves are padded, ensuring optimum protection to your mobile devices. However, for just simple notepads and books, Timbuk2 Classic is more convenient.