Tenzing 2220 vs Badlands 2200

For a camping backpack, Tenzing 2220 and Badlands 2200 are indeed feasible choices. Tenzing 2220 and Badlands 2200 are relatively affordable backpack models shining with highly positive reviews. People generally love these models. They praise how durable these bags are and how these bags have helped them carry loads of gear and meat comfortably. These two bags are standing in the same price range, though Badlands 2200 is currently a little bit more expensive than Tenzing 2220. Continue reading below for the differences and comparisons between Tenzing 2220 and Badlands 2200.

Tenzing 2220 has been reinforced by an internal aluminum frame that keeps the backpack in the right shape despite carrying heavy loads regularly. The internal frame is indeed very durable, yet it is also very lightweight. It features padded shoulder straps and a channeled air-cooled back pad to keep it comfortable. There is also a padded hip support that ensures that your hip will stay happy in prolonged wearing sessions. Tenzing 2220 has a fold-out rain cover to protect the bag and the external pockets against various weather conditions, and also a fold-out boot for carrying a bow or a gun.

On the other hand, Badlands 2200 is reinforced by a T-6 aluminum aircraft-grade frame that adapts to your body’s natural ability to support weight, allowing for even weight distribution. With the bat-wing design, this backpack can function as a daypack as well as a sturdy meat-hauler. Compared to Tenzing 2220, Badlands 2200 is a little bit bigger and has more pockets, compartments, and straps. There are two pistol holsters, one on each side of the backpack, and there is also an integrated meat shelf. The backpack is constructed from KXO-32 fabric, which is extremely strong, quiet, and waterproof.

If you need lots of storage, then you will find Badlands 2200 more attractive. This backpack is certainly a spacious one. The numerous pockets and compartments are very useful for keeping things organized. Another great thing about this backpack is that it is highly versatile. It is usable for a variety of purposes. Plus, it is also very durable. However, some people find it uncomfortable for extended wearing sessions.

Tenzing 2220 is the more superior one if we are talking about comfort. The manufacturer has performed an excellent job in padding. The backpack has padding on all the needed spots. However, it is not as versatile as Badlands 2200.

Tenzing 2220 vs Badlands 2200

- Internal aluminum frame stay
- Padded hip support
- Channeled air-cooled back pad
- KXO-32 fabric
- Made in the USA or Imported
- Filly loaded

If you need a versatile backpack with extra pockets and compartments, Badlands 2200 should be the way to go. However, if you want extra comfort, you can try Tenzing 2220 instead.