Sunpow 65L vs Canway 65L

Some of us may underrate how important a bag is for when you travel or spend quite the time outside doing our activities. The best model will not only let you carry various gears and belongings but also comfortably so. For those who will spend a few days vacationing, Sunpow 65L Vs Canway 65L will be a great choice to pack all of your belongings conveniently and if you are also eyeing these bags, go check which of them will be your companion here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Travel Bag to Purchase
  • What are Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L
  • What Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L Look Like
  • How are the Compartment in Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L
  • What else Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L can offer
  • How to Carry Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L
  • Sunpow 65L Vs Canway 65L

Travel Bags

Traveling is fun, you get to know new places and break free from the daily routine to breathe some fresh air and rest the body before having to come back to our job and other boring activities. One piece of equipment that all travelers have to consider every time they want to go on a short adventure is which bag to carry and this is the problem for many of us. A good option will save you a lot of energy and be more convenient. 

On the other hand the wrong choice can make the travel not as fun anymore which is why we should pick the one matching with our traveling needs especially if it is a new place and we are not familiar with what type of activities we are going to do there. In general we can choose to carry a suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag in which all of them have their own benefits as well as drawbacks but in most cases, a backpack will be the safest bet.


Suitcase is one of the most popular options for traveling and it boasts various benefits such as easy storing and managing as well as quick to let you access the inside and have different ways of arranging items. It is the best choice for those who will never leave pavement and will mostly move from one destination to another using car or plane only. Their cons are heavy, difficult to squeeze in luggage, as well as not ideal when you need to take them off-the road.

 Sunpow 65LCanway 65L
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The next is a backpack and this is our personal favorite whenever we need to spend some days out of the house, adventuring, or just visit friends and family over the weekend. Its best point is how the bag is ideal for any terrain as long as our body is up to it. You can carry most necessities beside delicate items inside but, its worst point is the lack of security since people can easily harm them and in addition, those with top opening is not very convenient for storing items.

Duffel Bag

The last is a duffel bag and between the two, it is like a combination of these popular compartments. First, a duffel has the quality of a backpack in which you can stuff many items inside as well as how flexible they are when there is less space to fit the unit. Second, it also has the quality and convenience of a suitcase where you can fit items inside easily together when taking them out. The drawback is that it gets pretty tiring quickly if you have loaded it and have to hand carry it for a distance.

About Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L

The best compartment should be the one that fits your travel needs the most and if this is your first time traveling to the places, it is great to read some reviews or see what you will want to do there; staying at the resort or adventuring by walking to exotic spots. Overall and in general suitcase will be best when users don’t need to move much during the trip, backpack is the opposite, while duffel bag is nice for a short trip on the weekend in a fairly known place.

If you are here then we are sure that duffel bag is your choice for this trip and despite the vast options in the market, there must be one model that will fit your preference the most yet, in general as long as they are made from durable materials including the zippers, all duffel bags should work just as great; at the end they are a bag. The most important factor is their sizing for it is always larger capacity for longer trips and vice versa.

For travelers who will be spending several days going on a holiday trip or visiting a family far away, Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L will be two of the most ideal options to consider. Both of them are very similar to each other that it makes the comparison a bit difficult to decide about which you can go with but, in terms of capacity and additional, useful features, we can’t go wrong with either of them because not only they can carry lots of items, you can carry them in different methods as well.

What we love the most from Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L is their versatility and being a duffel bag makes lots of items can go inside from clothes to shoes. In addition you can carry them in various ways but the huge form can get in the way if you have to hunt for a cheap hotel for example, while storing something delicate inside such as your smart devices is definitely not recommended for there is no cushioning here to properly secure them.

Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L Design

From the outside you feel like Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L are made by the same brands and only have these slightly different pockets to differentiate them from each other but as you can see, they are indeed very much similar or the same when it comes to design. Some duffel bags are round or cylindrical but we personally love the square ones like these two because it means more room and easier to place thus, they can stay on the position when put down.

They have the same capacity and in addition you can get an 85L version or 116L version in which the latter only offered by Canway. When fully expanded, Sunpow is measured at 12.2-inch tall, 26.3-inch wide, and 13.7-inch wide, the same as Canway. They will also come with the shoulder strap that you can install on each side which is featured with padding to add a bit of cushioning for when you need to walk further. Read also: Under Armour Hustle 3.0 Vs 4.0.

Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L Compartment

The first thing you may want to know about Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L is probably their storage because it is one of the most important in a bag and on this side they are identical with a wide main room. This 65L size is already enough to pack several days of clothes including shoes and toiletries but you can add it up in case we will pack for more than one person. The main room is hassle free, there is nothing here but a smaller pocket and their flat bottom makes it convenient to arrange items.

Moving to the outside, here we can get several pockets to keep smaller items and just like most duffel bags, there is one shoe compartment and a pocket on the side which can be useful to keep your footwear or toiletries and similar items. They also have two pockets at the front but with different designs where Sunpow makes it two different medium storages while Canway has one medium storage and a sleeve with no zipper. Moving to the back the latter also has one zippered pocket on the suitcase handle sleeve.

Sunway has the sleeve as well to keep the bag securely attached to the suitcase but we have two mesh pockets and one zippered pocket inside the sleeve for when you need to store an item that we have to access easily.

Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L Feature

Now for the feature side, Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L are keeping things simple for there is practically nothing fancy here yet, we do find some interesting features that may attract your attention. First is the material itself because these bags are made using water resistant fabric thus, a spray of water and similar accident won’t be a problem yet, if submerged the water will still get inside. In addition there is an exhaust port on the aforementioned side pockets to make sure shoes or moistures won’t cause a problem.

Sunpow 65L and Canway 65L Handle

The last point we want to talk about is their handle collections because it is necessary to make sure we can be as convenient and make the bag as versatile as possible. First there is a standard handle for hand carry and second there is another handle on each side to let two people carry one bag, and there is a shoulder strap for when you need to walk a little bit further. When not in use, we can fold these bags into smaller one; in a size of handbag.

Sunpow 65L vs Canway 65L

These duffel bags are very reliable, have a huge capacity, as well as robust and sturdy yet not made for outdoor adventures. They are pretty much similar to each other with several pockets all over the bag surface and some features like water resistant fabric as well as exhaust port on its shoe pocket. The difference is prominently on their front and back pocket design in which Sunpow also has a couple of little mesh pockets.

-【Large&lightweight】 Let’s start our Larger Capacity and lightweight journey: It extends to 26.3 x 13.7 x 12.2 inch with 65 Liters capacity and 1.58 pounds
- 【Durable meets versatile Comfort】 Carry it any way you like: The 600D polyester fabric and premium metal SBS zippers make the bag ideal for long-term use.
- 【Easy Organization】 Lots of detail design lets you organize small to large items easily: 1.) Ventilated air vent will keep shoes compartment odor-free. 2.)
- 【Multipurpose】 This versatile backpack has everything you need to get you from home to trips to gym:Your good companion for traveling, could be served as a sports gym luggage, weekender bag
- LARGE FOLDABLE DUFFLE: It extends to 26.3 x 13.7 x 12.2 inch with 65 Liters capacity and 1.74 pound. Folded Size:10.6 x 9.4 x 3.9 inch, easy to store
- BUILT TO LAST! Made of 600D polyester fabric, waterproof & tear-resistant. Premium metal SBS zippers and reinforced major stress points will never fail you
- VERSATILE STRAPS: When contents are too heavy for a single person, the two side straps are useful for two people to carry together
- GOTTA LOVE BONUSES: 1.) Side shoe pocket has two exclusive ventilated air vents and can also be used as a dirty laundry compartment, water & odor resistant


You can’t get wrong with any of them so it is best to shop based on your preference but since their price difference is quite much, if you are in for a budget-saver option we will recommend getting Sunway 65L, moreover it already has all the features, like those in Canway.