Skyway Luggage Review: Comfortable and Durable Luggage

Having a good time with your flight? Or are you having a problem with the luggage? Many people have been seen to have problems with their luggage whereas their problem is mostly about how their luggage tends to halt their speed when they are chasing the schedule. That’s why a comfortable and versatile luggage is one of the important aspects to get a good flight or trips. So here are some promising luggage products, the Skyway Luggage. Like its name, this product is specially designed as the flight baggage. This product is using 100% polyester material which is very standard for this kind of bag, its height and wide itself also pretty promising with the height of 14”, and 21” wide. You can get so many interesting features from this luggage like the extra packing space or the padded top carry handle. So if you are interested in this product, let’s see the explanation below.

The features are many, but it seems that there is nothing very special to this luggage. First, it has the retractable and multi-locking ergonomic pull handle which adjust the most comfortable position and height for you. Then you can find the extra packing space and full-length zippered mesh utility pocket which is perfect for separating the clean clothes and the dirty one when you are traveling. After that, you can get the Adjustable add-a-bag strap which allows you to attach the second bag without any problems easily. Lastly, its zipper is pretty nice as it is an ergonomic zipper puller which is ensuring its durability. This durable zipper is pretty much what every traveler need as the conventional zipper tend to break and not durable enough for the long journey.

The performance of this luggage is pretty decent, but there are some minus points which is quite noticeable. The first thing is the strap is the price is very affordable; it is definitely the best choice for you who loves a low-cost traveling. The ergonomic pull handle is very good in its performance, this feature allowing us to adjust the height in the right term. Then the size is also pretty good considering you can put a lot of clothes and items in it. Other features are also very helpful, like the straps or the durable zipper. The downside of this product is that Skyway luggage is very old-fashioned whereas the modern people tend to have creative luggage rather than the old-fashioned one. But you can’t deny that the not all of them like the modern one so the quality aspect is more important than the fashion aspect. Another minus point is its height, colors, and the no-spinner-wheel thing. But in overall, this is a pretty decent low-priced product.

- Gain increased packing capacity with the simple pull of a zipper - Inner dimensions is 23.7 H x 16 W x 9 D inches - A side carry handle provides additional assistance when lifting - Full length mesh pocket

In overall, Skyway Luggage is a very affordable product which offers a real showdown in its quality. The fashioned seems lacking, but as you know, you can’t judge the books by its covers. In this term, the features are giving so much comfort to its users which are why this product is still considered pretty good one. Skyway Luggage is probably one of the best examples of how you can’t expect a low-price product more than this. So Skyway Luggage is an excellent choice for you who doesn’t have too much budget but wanting a very durable and well-made luggage for traveling.

Specifications of Skyway Luggage
100% Polyester
16.5″ wide
24″ high
Inner dimensions are 23.7″ x 16″ x 9″
Weight 6.9 lbs
Increase packing capacity by simply pulling out a zipper, perfect for packing souvenirs
Full length mesh pocket for undergarments, belts, ties and other small easy-to-lose items
Side carry handle
5 years limited warranty

Pros of Skyway Luggage
– Spacious storage that is also expandable
– Very lightweight
– Swiveling wheels allow easy maneuvering
– Multiple handles allow for versatile carrying positions and additional assistance when lifting the bag up to a compartment

Price of Skyway Luggage
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