Rush 72 vs Rush 24

For those who like to travel with their backpack or those ex-military day-tripper, you will most likely to know the importance of a good backpack. Military backpack are often chosen because it has the quality, durability, and the ability to carry all your tools inside. 5.11 is a manufacturer of military backpack and in this article we will introduced you to two of their backpacks, which are Rush 72 and Rush 24. Please read our article below if you are in need of a good military backpack.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
• What is Rush 72 and Rush 24
• What is the Features of Rush 72 and Rush 24
• Rush 72 vs Rush 24

About Rush 72
Rush 72 is a military backpack that was produced by 511 tactical. The bag is designed to be very durable and is also being the largest among three models available. This bag is made to be used in a mission that will lasts up for three days or 72 hours. In the backpack you will found separate zippered pockets and open pouches inside each section. Inside the bag, there is a special fleece-lined pouch that helps preventing scratches on sunglass or cellular phones. It also featured with Grab and Go handle to easily lift the bag, which is located at the top.

Rush 72 Features
As expected from military backpack, you can find this item in camouflage colors, such as black, sandstone, storm, multicam, flat dark earth and TAC OD. The OD here means olive drab, which is a dull green color that match and blends into forest areas. The bag full capacity is 47.5 liter. Inside the backpack, there are smaller backpack disconnects from the complete unit that is intended to be used when taking a quick walk around the area. The bag is pretty comfortable with a wide shoulders traps that circles around the shoulder and neck area. The material used to make the backpack is water repellent 1000D nylon, which is very useful in case to keep paper or documents inside dry. The exterior of the bag, inside flaps, and bag compartments are also coated with water repellent.

About Rush 24
Another military backpack from 5.11 is the Rush 24 that was made from the finest quality materials and available in the consumer market. Rush 24 may be the most popular all-purpose assault backpack from 5.11 that has all the things you need in a bag for 24 hour mission or day hike. The complete measurement of Rush 24 are 20 cm in height, 12 cm in width and 7 cm in dimension. With these amount of space, the Rush 24 will provide you with plenty of storage for all the tools you want to bring.

Rush 24 Features
The material used to make the Rush 24 is 1050D nylon with water repellent PUx2 coating, while the flaps inside are made with 420D nylon and PUx2 water repellents coating. To make the bag comfortably carried around, the shoulder straps are made with Duraflex (TM) hardware, which is dual density closed cell foam and can be fully adjusted. At the inside of the backpack there is a large stuff pocket with a pull cord that will be useful to keep small things, such as keys or batteries.

Looking from the outside, the Rush 24 has two side, flat zipper pockets that is perfect for maps and other needed documents. At the top, there is book end fleece lined pocket to be used to keep delicate things, such as a smartphone or small tablet computer.

Rush 72 vs Rush 24

- Nylon
- Imported
- Full-featured 72 hour backpack
- Ideal for recreational use or as an operational bug out bag
- Ideal for recreational use
- Dual-zippered front
- Multiple integrated organization pockets
- Built from high strength

Both of the Rush 72 and Rush 24 is equally good. They are made from high quality material and is packed with many useful features. When deciding on which to choose, you may want to consider their size. Rush 72 is bigger than Rush 24, so for those who don’t need to carry lots of stuff, in our opinion it is better to opt for the Rush 24. But for those who need to stay longer outdoor or if you need to carry lots of stuff, we highly recommend you the Rush 72.