Osprey Volt 75 vs Aether 70

Whether you plan to do a few days hiking or traveling to various countries and city with less budget, a backpack is a crucial item to have because of its ability to fit more items without being inconvenient. If you are also planning to shop for one, Osprey Volt 75 vs Aether 70 are two nice choice definitely worth the attention thanks to their convenience and comfort. For those who are eyeing these backpacks, see which model will fit your taste better below.

Osprey Volt 75 Vs Aether 70
In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Choose an Ideal Backpack
– What are Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70
– What Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70 Look Like
– How are the Compartments of Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70
– What else Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70 can offer
– Are Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70 Comfortable
– Osprey Volt 75 Vs Aether 70

Shopping for a Backpack

Getting a rest day is nice every now and then because we need to break free from the daily activities to come back with a fresh mind and body. The method to spend free time is varying widely because each person has their own taste and preference when it comes to how they want to spend their leisure days but those who also love to take an adventure, spending some of them with nature will be a very interesting and challenging activities to try. See also: Osprey Exos vs Levity.

Hiking and traveling are popular choices for anyone who prefer to be adventurous and loves being active which is getting more and more well-known nowadays. If you also often takes the time to do some outdoor activities then a backpack is a very important tools or compartment to have around even if you are not going to use them anytime soon. This compartment is versatile for various activities and the best benefit is they can carry lots of items inside without being inconvenient.

Of course we have to choose the pack based on each needs because not all of us will have the same criteria or activities we want to do so it is always best to follow your preference when looking for one.
1. The first consideration is volume or size since not all of us will need to carry several days of supply and while this is not a fixed number depending on how each person pack their bags, 15-30 liter is nice or day hike or for your daily pack, 30-50 is nice for one or two nights, 45-55 is good for 2-3 nights, and higher than 55 liter is ideal for longer trips.
2. The next important point to consider is the fitting because if you want to carry lots of items, especially with higher weight then fitting is very necessary since it will determine the comfort and how easy the pack can be carried along the trip and the best way to determine it is measuring the torso length to match with the size of the pack.
3. Besides torso length, bigger backpacks usually have suspension and similarly, it will affect the comfort of the backpack. In general, carrying huge load will need most of its burdened on the hip belt especially for longer activities. In addition shoulder strap is also important to give a better fit for the body but let it have a little room so the fit doesn’t becomes too tight for it might chaffed your skin.

About Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70

If you have already decided to go with which backpack or write down the measurements, now is the time to see what those popular brands are offering because we definitely have so many of them and to save more time, it is better to go with huge names because it will make sure that they have the level of quality and reliability we want. In addition, you may want to set a budget because some nice backpacks can be very expensive.

Talking about backpack, it is hard to not think about Osprey because they are among the leader when it comes to outdoor gear including backpack and they have been in the game for quite some time as well. We love their backpacks because we can always rely on their quality and it seems they listened to customers as well when putting features or compartments in their products but among all, we do appreciate their competitive prices compared to many other brands in the market.

 Osprey Volt 75Osprey Aether 70
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Ospreys is very reliable with lots of choices or models to pick thus, everyone can get the one that fits your application the most. For those who are planning to spend the nights for a couple of days admiring what nature is offering or travelling to several countries in your next holidays, then Volt 75 and Aether 70 will be a very ideal models to check out. Both of them are heavy duty, carry lots of items, and come with few sizes to fit your body better.

They are designed to be the companion of adventurer so you will get a huge load as the name suggests but in comparison the former will probably carry more than its brother. Volt 75 and Aether 70 are working impressively for longer adventure thanks to their comforting features which we do appreciate the most when it comes to huge backpacks like them but, what set them apart the most is probably the smaller features you can find all over the pack and not the main capabilities itself.

Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70 Design

Aesthetically speaking, none of Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70 are ugly because they are looking like any huge backpacks out there and we do like the color options they used here because it looks cool but we do hope they make use of more than one shade for these bags just to make them look more attractive. Since these are in different sizes, their carrying range will differ a little bit as well but actually, we can carry more in Aether which in US metric up to 60 lbs. compared to 55 lbs.

They may seem to use the same material as the main fabric and it is true since both of them are mostly built from 210D Nylon Dobby. Putting them side by side, it is hard to determine which is bigger because they are very similar but when you check closely, it seems that Aether is just slightly wider than Volt. They also seem to have similar weight but Aether is surprisingly heavier by weighed around 5.2 lbs. in which the other is about a pound lighter.

Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70 Compartments

The first thing we often see when looking for backpack is the organizing features because we prefer the one that can offer the best organizing rooms and both of them are similarly great when it comes to how we can put the items inside. The first feature is their detachable daypack or top lid that we can put or place on top of the main pack but what’s unique is Aether actually offers a new designed top lid which convertible to a daypack.

This is a very ideal compartment if you are also going to use a backpack for carrying daily gears or for students who prefer to use a bigger backpack. Similar to many bigger backpacks out there, these two are also using a top load mechanism so you can fit lots of item inside but if you are going to take something from the main compartment often Aether is more convenient with a J shaped zipper that can be accessed from the front panel.

Another compartment that attracted our attention is their water pocket on each side which is nice to keep bottles or any gears we often need because these compartments are accessible both from the top and side.

Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70 Features

Moving to the side features, as for the kind of attachment we can carry when hiking or doing some adventures out there, Volt seems to be leading the game because aside from carrying lots of items in its main compartment, it also has several attachment strap to put your smaller items on the outer area and take with ease. But, for those who will carry trekking pole or ice axe, we do have the attachment ready in both backpacks.

Our next favorite is the small pocket in their hip belt and while this seems like a petite compartment for gears, this compartment is actually very convenient to store smaller items we used often for easy access all the time. Additionally, they also have compression to keep the pack neat.

Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70 Comfort

Moving into the comfort level, this is also a very important point to decide whether one of these backpacks is made for you. Osprey is well-known for its comfort packs and it is obvious with Osprey Volt 75 and Aether 70 but in comparison when loaded to its full capacity, only Aether still capable of maintaining this level of comfort. Volt on the other hand can carry up to 55 lbs. but we have to limit it up to 40 lbs. to get the best experience when carrying the pack.


These backpacks are a nice choice for anyone who will spend the days out there whether it is on travelling or camping but they are also different because despite being larger in size, Volt carry lesser load yet lighter when not stuffed with anything. Aether on the other hand has beefier body and heavier but also carry heavier load and even featured with built-in daypack if needed. We also love the J zipper for accessing items in its main compartment.

Osprey Volt 75 vs Aether 70

- Torso adjustability as well as an adjustable fit-on-the-fly hip belt for a comfortable one-size fits all package
- Integrated removable rain cover
- Zippered sleeping bag compartment with floating divider
- Side panel zip access to main compartment.
- Removable top-lid converts to DayLid daypack.
- Dual upper side compression.


All in all there is no bad choice between these backpacks because they are equally reliable but if you are going to spend more days out there and need to carry heavier load, Aether is definitely more comfortable and convenient.