Osprey Questa vs Quasar

If you are looking for a daypack that is suitable for daily commuting, school, or work, Osprey is one brand that you can trust. Osprey’s bags are among the best choices available on the market. People trust the quality. In the following article, we have Osprey Questa vs Quasar. These bags come from the Active Everyday series, and are said as Osprey’s most technical packs. So, what is the difference between Questa and Quasar, and which one should you choose?

Color Choices
If we take a look at the descriptions of these bags, we can tell that the difference between these two bags is that Questa is a feminine model whereas Quasar is a masculine model – just like Osprey FlapJack vs FlapJill. We can see this difference clearly if we see the color choices provided by these bags.

Osprey Questa has four color choices, which are Black Orchid, Liquid Blue, Mariposa Purple, and Sandstone Orange. These color choices are indeed more feminine. The Black Orchid and Sandstone Orange have light blue lines that make them suitable for female users. The Liquid Blue and Mariposa Purple are straightforwardly feminine.

Osprey Quasar, on the other hand, provides five color choices, which are Black, Armor Grey, Olive Green, Super Blue, and Robust Red. These options are nice and very good-looking. Note that the Super Blue option is very bright and eye-catching.

Size and Capacity
Both Questa vs Quasar are constructed using the 420HD Nylon Packcloth, which is highly rugged and durable. Osprey Questa uses the 210D Nylon Rose fabric for accent, whereas Osprey Quasar uses the 210D Nylon Stripe Twill. These accent fabrics are equally durable, and only differ by style.

However, you should note that Osprey Questa is actually a little bit smaller than the male version. It measures 19 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. The total capacity is 27 liters (1648 cubic inches). The weight is approximately 1.63 lbs.

On the other hand, Osprey Quasar is slightly bigger than the female version. The dimensions are 20 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 11 inches deep. The differences are not very dramatic, but noticeable. All the increments contribute to the increased total capacity, which is 28 liters (1709 cubic inches). The weight is quite similar, about 1.69 lbs.

In terms of features, Osprey Questa and Osprey Quasar are very identical. Each model has a pair of side stretch mesh pockets for storing items that require easy access, such as water bottle, snack, or phone. There are also various internal mesh pockets for organization. These internal pockets are well placed and are used constantly for daily uses. Each also has dedicated laptop and tablet sleeves that are padded. The laptop access has a separate zipper. There is also a front panel bungee for compression and storage.

Osprey Questa vs Quasar

- Women's-specific fit
- Front panel bungee compression and storage
- Stay seen and safe in the dark
- Front panel bungee compression and storage
- Front panel storage pocket provides ample organization
- Stay seen and safe in the dark

If you are fine with whichever color choice, you may want to choose Osprey Quasar instead, which has a bigger size. The increased capacity is very handy for carrying some extra stuff. However, if you don’t usually carry too many items at all, and you prefer a more compact and nimble bag, choose Osprey Questa.