Osprey Pulsar vs Quasar

If you are currently confused in choosing between Osprey Pulsar vs Quasar, you have come to the right place! In the following article, we are going to see the differences and comparisons between Osprey Pulsar and Osprey Quasar. Students who study astronomy may chuckle when they see these compact backpacks because “pulsar” and “quasar” are both astronomy terms. Both backpacks are designed primarily for daily commuting, so these are great choices for school and work. But which one is the most suitable model for you?

Design and Construction
Both Osprey Pulsar and Osprey Quasar are actually constructed using the same fabrics. They both use 420HD Nylon Packcloth for the main construction and 210D Nylon for the accent and reinforcement. These are highly durable materials. So, unsurprisingly, many people praise Pulsar and Quasar for being rugged and durable.

These two packs are available in different color choices. Osprey Pulsar has Oasis Blue, Cactus Green, and Habanero Orange colors. On the other hand, Osprey Quasar provides more conventional colors such as Black, Super Blue, Robust Red, and Armor Grey.

If you put Pulsar and Quasar side by side, you can notice that the Pulsar model is thicker. Overall, it is bulkier. This is because it has a bigger storage compartment. On the other hand, the Quasar model is quite slimmer and more compact. In general, a slim and compact bag is more preferred for commuting to allow convenient, unhindered movement. For biking, see Osprey Raptor 10 vs 14, two hydration packs with compact size.

Storage and Capacity
As mentioned above, Osprey Pulsar has a slightly larger storage compartment. If you often carry multiple pieces of gear and equipment such as a rain jacket or spare clothes, the increased capacity is very useful. The total capacity is about 1831 cubic inches.

However, if you rarely bring pieces of gear that you don’t always use, you may prefer Osprey Quasar instead. The storage compartment is smaller, but this is not a problem if you don’t carry your rain jacket in your backpack. It still has enough room for books, laptop, and tablet.

Pulsar and Quasar each have a laptop/tablet sleeve. The laptop/tablet sleeve of Pulsar is about the same size as Quasar’s, which is suitable for most 15” laptops. They each also have a heat embossed stash pocket and a front panel pocket for organization, as well as side stretch mesh pockets for water bottles or small items. Quasar features a front panel bungee for compression and additional storage for certain items.

Both Osprey Pulsar and Osprey Quasar have blinker light attachments. You need to equip your backpack with a blinker light if you want to use it for biking at night for increased visibility. They also have removable webbing hip belts to enhance the load stability.

Osprey Pulsar vs Quasar

- 15"/40 cm padded laptop
- Front panel storage with bungee provides quick
- Heat embossed fabric pocket keeps items like phones
- Front panel bungee compression
- Front panel storage pocket provides ample organization
- Stay seen and safe in the dark by using the blinker light attachment

Osprey Pulsar is a great choice for people who usually bring additional gear such as rain jackets or spare clothes in their backpacks. This model has a larger capacity. However, if you prefer a slimmer backpack, Osprey Quasar should be your choice. Both of the two models are sturdy and durable.