Osprey Packs Syncro 10 vs Raptor 10

Hydration pack is a crucial gear to consider when trying some adventures out there in which it is hard to access water bottle all the time while you are continuously moving. For those who loves bicycling and taking a long tracks, Osprey Syncro 10 Vs Raptor 10 are two nice hydration packs to accompany your journey with useful features and of course great comfort. If you are also considering these options, see what they can offer below and pick one seems fitting your preferences better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Hydration Pack
  • Do you need a Hydration Pack
  • What are Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10
  • What Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10 Look Like
  • How are the Water Bladder in Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10
  • How are the Compartment in Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10
  • What Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10 can offer
  • Osprey Syncro 10 Vs Raptor 10

Hydration Pack

We are sure everybody understands the importance of staying hydrated because our body needs water to function properly and depending on the person we are often advised to drink at least 2 liters or 8 glasses of them everyday. Our body itself is 60% water and it is required to make sure that it has enough to function such as digesting foods, nutrition absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, maintaining body temperature, as well as transporting nutrients. Overall it is important to get the proper amount of water no matter what activities you do.

One of the issues we have to think about to keep being hydrated properly besides remembering to drink the water itself is transporting them because they are not convenient and heavy which can be a problem when someone is continuously moving. Of course we can carry a water bottle and drink when getting thirsty but depending on your type of activities, sometimes it is inconvenient to carry them by hand. This is why we have a gear called hydration pack which function is to ease people taking their hydration.

Hydration pack may look like a backpack in a glance because they are meant to be carried like a backpack but their main function is very much different to our favorite compartment. A backpack like Kelty Redwing 44 Vs Osprey Farpoint 46 are meant to store and let you carry lots of stuff while traveling or doing some adventure but a hydration pack is mainly built to keep your water storage safely. It also aid the water consumption by providing an easy access to the compartment.

A hiking pack can also be a hydration pack depending on the pack itself but usually the model will be stated as hiking pack or hydration pack in the product’s name. In general they are useful for various activities that require you to move a lot including running, cycling, walking, or snow sporting. Except for hiking, these hydration packs are tailored to fit the activities better and the way hiking is different because the pack also used for compartment or backpack thus, it has lots of room and organizers/features.

Hydration Pack Pros and Cons

Deciding to purchase a hydration pack you may want to know what are the pros and cons of this gear and starting with its benefits, number one is convenient because it lets you drink anywhere, anytime, without having to pull out and open a water bottle or container. Second is it can carry lots of water in one go compared to bottles. Third is it keeps water cold even when you have to run or biking under a bright sunlight. 

 Osprey Packs Syncro 10 Osprey Packs Raptor 10
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As for the cons, hydration pack is also inconvenient because it is used to carry water and it means we have to do regular cleaning to keep the compartment sterile. Second is when the compartment new, its water tastes a little bit weird or rubbery as most people experienced. Third is hard to refill because depending on their system, we may have to use a dedicated hose or pull out the whole compartment and then put them back in.

About Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10

For those who think a hydration pack is necessary and will help them much while doing their favorite activities out there, it is wise to get one as well. However, you may want to spend some time for choosing the suitable model first because we have so many of them and if you are more into bicycling rather than for example hiking, Osprey can be a good manufacturer to check out. We have been liking their products for so long and it is because they always gave reliable packs for their customers.

This included hydration packs as well and for those cyclists who loves to spend a longer track or hours pedaling their bikes and enjoying the scenery, Osprey Syncro and Raptor 10 are two ideal packs to consider. Both of them are made or designed for the application which means they are meant for this certain activity but are also similar to each other when it comes to the kind of features offered and it makes customers have to choose between these two promising models.

Not only as a hydration packs, these two are also useful to let you carry some tools and small belongings that may be necessary when tackling those gravels while mountain biking or doing similar adventures. There are lots of useful features as well built in the backpack and making them a very ideal choice for anyone who will spend hours pedaling while still want to keep their body hydrated properly.

Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10 Design

Putting them side by side, they are looking like the same backpacks in a glance but they do have different details that you can use to set them apart easily, especially with how Raptor is a little bit curved at the front when fully inflated. They do have the same strap secured pocket at the front panel but only Syncro has this pair of compression strap in the middle of its build. They are available in different sizes and fashion such as black or red.

In comparison, they are at the same size but when you touch the fabric, they are not made with the same material because Syncro is mainly made with 100D Nylon Mini Honey Comb while the latter is with 210 Nylon Dobby. In addition, the bottom are 500D and 600D Nylon respectively, making the one used in Raptor is a little bit heavier and thicker or more durable.

Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10 Water Compartment

Moving further, let’s check the water compartment inside and while the hydration pack itself is capable of carrying 10 liters of capacity, the water bladders in both packs are only capable of carrying up to 2.5 liters and suitable with ice. What we love from these bladders is that they no longer use a lid as the opening and have this sliding lock system which makes refilling, cleaning, and adding ice cubes into the compartment much easier because they have a wide opening.

What’s different is when you take out the bladder, the one in Raptor is also reinforced with a firm padding on the rear side, making the pack sit straight while being inserted into the sleeve. It doesn’t affect the performance however, just to make the compartment more robust. As for the valve, they are using the same system in which you can lock and bite to drink but we do recommend to lock them when filling the water at full capacity to prevent accidental drips.

Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10 Compartments

Their main compartments are quite huge and we can stash one more jacket here or any rain gear when needed but we do like the huge opening zipper that makes putting in and taking out items convenient. Besides the main rooms, we have another wide pocket at the front to keep things organized and this included a small strap to secure your keys as well. The other rooms are made with soft fabrics to make sure delicate items like sunglasses won’t get scratched easily.

When you check Raptor, there is an additional pocket on its hip belt and while some may not going to use these pockets, we find them to be useful to store small items including keys or small tools for easy access.

Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10 Features

The next point we want to talk about is the additional feature and we do love Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10 for their usefulness. First, both of them are featured with helmet attachment to carry additional helmet or to strap one in when needed and they also have small attachment for blinker in case you are pedaling at night . What’s different on the side features is the dedicated bike tools that you can have in Raptor but not in Syncro while on the other hand, the latter has an integrated rain cover.

Additionally, both of them are also coming with chest strap and hip belt to fit the backpack better in your body and similarly, there is a mesh surface on the back to make sure your body will not get a direct contact to the backpack. They are breezy when in summer and very comfortable to keep your back dry.

Osprey Packs Syncro 10 vs Raptor 10

- The j-sip gives access to a front panel organizational compartment which features mesh pockets for tubes and tools, pump Holder, and key clip
- A zippered top slash pocket lined with scratch free, heat embossed fabric proves ideal storage for Optics and electronic devices
- The integrated, removable high visibility rain cover provides pack Protection in adverse conditions
- Osprey's lid lock easily and securely carries bicycle helmets
- The front panel floating top pocket with a side zippered organizer pocket provides extra volume and organization when needed
- Side compression straps stabilize loads while lower, cross functional compression straps also serve as external gear carry straps
- Osprey's lid lock attachment easily and securely carries bicycle helmets
- The blinker light attachment found near the base of the front panel of the pack allows for Quick light attachment for high visibility in the dark

Both of Osprey Syncro 10 and Raptor 10 are a very ideal hydration packs for your mountain biking activity but they are also different because Raptor offers a bike tools organizing sleeve which you can access from the bottom of the pack conveniently while Syncro on the other hand has a built-in rain cover. Raptor also have more durable material and a water compartment reinforced with a thick padding on its rear side as well as a small pockets on its hip belt.


All in all the decision is all yours because we may have different opinions and preferences but if we are to choose, we do recommend Osprey Raptor 10 because this pack has some convenient additional features.