Osprey Nova vs Nebula

Osprey is a company that has been producing backpacks for a wide range of purposes, from daily commuting to hiking. Osprey Nova and Osprey Nebula are hybrid backpacks that can handle daily commuting and short hiking just fine. So, what is the difference between Osprey Nova vs Nebula? Which model is better for the money?

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– Whether you should choose Osprey Nova or Osprey Nebula

Size and Weight
The very first difference between these two models is the dimensions. In general, both Osprey Nova and Osprey Nebula are medium-sized backpacks for daily commuting that are spacious enough to serve as daypacks. However, Osprey Nova is slightly smaller and lighter than Osprey Nebula. See also: Osprey Exos 48 vs 58.

Osprey Nova is not dramatically smaller. According to the specifications, it actually has similar dimensions to the Nebula. It measures 12 inches wide, 19 inches high, and 11 inches deep. However, there are some parts that have been streamlined. It has a weight of about 2.06 lbs.

On the other hand, Osprey Nebula is a bit bulkier, and it is also slightly heavier. It measures 12 inches wide, 19 inches high, and 11 inches deep. The weight is about 2.13 lbs. As you can see, the weight difference is rather marginal.

Both backpacks here are compact and lightweight enough to be used as carry-ons. So, they are great for traveling with most airline flights. With either Osprey Nova or Osprey Nebula, you can bring the backpack along with you to your seat. Then, you can put it on the overhead compartment of under the seat. Even so, different airlines do have different carry-on regulations, so make sure to double-check before going.

Design and Color Choices
The primary difference between Osprey Nova vsNebula is the design. Osprey Nova is a backpack for women. It has a feminine look. The body is subtly curved to create a sleek look. In addition, it comes with mostly feminine color choices, such as liquid blue, finch yellow, mariposa purple, misty gray, pearl gray, and tropical green.

On the other hand, Osprey Nebula is designed mostly for men. Or, you may say that the design is more universal. This is because women can also use the backpack just fine. The shape of the backpack is straighter and with firmer lines. It is also available in several color choices, such as robust red, Nordic green, komodo green, cardinal blue, armor gray, anchor gray, and black.

Both of these two models have excellent build quality. They are constructed from the 420HD Nylon Packcloth fabric. This material is quite sturdy and durable. Osprey Nova uses 210D Nylon Rose for the accent, whereas Osprey Nebula uses 210D Nylon Stripe Twill for the accent. Both backpacks can easily withstand the abuse that they may encounter in daily activities.

Laptop Compartment
Both Osprey Nova vs Nebula are equipped with TSA-approved laptop and tablet sleeves. This is another reason why these backpacks are great for traveling. When going through a security checkpoint in an airport, you can easily take out the electronics without having to unload your entire backpack.

The laptop and tablet sleeves are nicely padded, so they can protect your devices against scratches, bumps, and impacts. In addition, the sleeves are also hanging. They don’t reach the bottom of the backpack. This design ensures that your devices will not slam onto the ground whenever you put down your backpack. This is a thoughtful, truly beneficial design.

According to the user reviews, the laptop compartments of Osprey Nova and Osprey Nebula can fit 15.6-inch laptops just fine. So, they are suitable for most laptops except the extra large ones. The laptop and tablet sleeves are on the rear. The laptop compartment is close the user’s body, so it can stay stable in place.

Even when you are carrying a laptop with either backpack, you will be surprised that the backpack remains comfortable, even after an extended amount of time. This is because of the heavily padded back panel. It distributes the weight evenly while allowing some air flow to keep your back cool.

Osprey Nova and Osprey Nebula are equipped with nice organization features. They are mostly similar.The internal space is ideal for books and binders. In addition, there is a front panel pocket that makes an excellent place for your pens, small notebooks, phones, and business cards.

In addition, each of these backpacks also has a front stretch mesh pocket. You can put the things that you want to be separated from the main compartment here, such as dirty and wet clothes or sandals. As usual, on the left and right sides, there are stretch mesh side pockets where you can put your water bottles, energy bars, or other small items. The side pockets are stretchy, so they can fit water bottles of any size.

Storage Capacity
The difference in the storage capacity is not significant, but it is still a notable one. Due to the more streamlined design, Osprey Nova comes with a slightly smaller capacity than Osprey Nebula.

The storage capacity of Osprey Nova is 33 liters. This is definitely sufficient for daily commuting and for a daypack. You can easily load it with books, clothes, and some snacks or a meal box. However, Osprey Nebula is a bit more spacious, with a storage capacity of 34 liters, so you won’t need to compress your clothes when you need to bring a few more items.

Osprey Nova vs Nebula

- A heat embossed scratch-free slash pocket keeps your sunglasses and other small items safe
- Blinker light attachment strap located near the base of the pack’s front panel
- Padded Laptop and tablet Sleeve
- Women’s-specific fit
- Laptop sleeve TSA airport security approved
- Suspended mesh ventilated backpanel
- TSA airport approved security approved laptop sleeve
- Padded Laptop and Tablet Sleeve
- Blinker light attachment
- Front panel organization pocket

Both models are good, but Osprey Nebula is generally more recommended. This model is suitable for most people. It is a bit more spacious. The extra room is certainly beneficial when you need to bring a few more items. It has TSA-approved laptop and tablet sleeves and multiple pockets for easy organization. It is suitable for a commuting backpack as well as a daypack.