Osprey Nova vs Celeste

Choosing the right bag for your purpose is important. Even if it is only for daily commuting, it should be tough and durable enough to withstand usage abuse and environmental factors. Below, we will discuss the comparison between two daypacks from the same company, Osprey Nova vs Celeste. Which one is better for the money?

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– The design and build of each model
– The distinctive features of Osprey Nova vs Celeste
– The available color choices on each model
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If you put these two backpacks side by side, you may be able to notice that one of them is slightly slimmer than the other. The difference is not dramatic, but it is still there. Osprey Nova is a thud bigger than Osprey Celeste. See also: North Face Jester vs Borealis.

Osprey Nova measures 12 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 19 inches high. It is neither too bulky nor too small. The size is just right for a commuting backpack and a daypack. It allows you to maneuver nimbly without getting hindered by what you carry on your back. The backpack itself is very lightweight at just 2.06 lbs.

Meanwhile, Osprey Celeste measures 12 inches wide, 11 inches deep and 19 inches high. The weight is about 1.88 lbs. Indeed, this model is a little bit slimmer and lighter than its sibling. If you want a compact, lightweight model so that you can pass easily through crowded places, this is a fine choice. But don’t forget that the more compact design means that the internal space is slightly smaller, too.

Storage Capacity
One of the most important differences between Osprey Nova vs Celeste is the internal storage capacity. You need to carefully consider whether you can benefit from some extra space or you want to be as lightweight as possible. Getting some additional space is generally more recommended because it will be very handy when you need to carry extra items.

Osprey Nova has an internal volume of 33 L. As the effect, it can be an ideal daypack for various purposes. It is great for daily commuting. It is also great for a short hiking or trekking trip that doesn’t go for more than one day. You can easily fit in a laptop, a tablet and several books while still having some space for snacks and a spare t-shirt.

Osprey Celeste has an internal volume of 29 L. It is quite smaller. This backpack is still great for daily commuting, but it is probably a bit too small to be used as a daypack for hiking or trekking. The space is only sufficient for your laptop and tablet and a few books. Things become a bit tricky when you want to load several pairs of clothing into the bag.

Design and Build Quality
As a matter of fact, Osprey Nova vs Celeste are made from similar materials. They both are mainly constructed from 420HD Nylon Packcloth. They also use the 210D Nylon Rose fabric for the accents. In general, both backpacks look modern and stylish.

Thanks to the nylon material, these backpacks become quite durable. The fabrics are flexible yet really sturdy. They won’t rip apart easily. Unfortunately, these backpacks are not water resistant, so you should not expose them to rain or water splashes. Getting a rain cover is a nice idea.

Despite the slightly different looks, the comfort features of these two backpacks are similar. Each of them comes with a suspended mesh ventilated backpanel which is soft, comfy, and breathable. There won’t be any significant pressure point on your back, and it will not get drenched in sweat. Both models come with nicely padded shoulder straps and removable webbing hipbelts to stabilize their loads.

Furthermore, each backpack here features side stretch mesh pockets for water bottles or other small items. Each has a heat-embossed slash pocket, a front-panel organization pocket, and a front-panel vertical zippered pocket. On the top, there is a padded grab handle for easy and comfortable hauling. There is a blinker light attachment to increase your visibility when traveling at night.

Laptop Compartment
The next important difference between Osprey Nova and Osprey Celeste is the laptop compartment. It is true that both of the two models have laptop and tablet sleeves. But the designs are different. If you are going to travel with an airline, you should choose a backpack with a TSA-approved feature in order to ensure the safety of your electronics.

Osprey Nova comes with a TSA-approved laptop compartment. This laptop sleeve allows you to take out your laptop quickly and easily without having to unload your entire belongings. This is very convenient when going through a security checkpoint in an airport. Both the laptop and tablet sleeves are padded, so the backpack can protect your electronics properly against impacts.

On the other hand, Osprey Celeste also comes with padded laptop and tablet sleeves, but it is not TSA-approved. As the effect, it is not recommended for traveling with an airline. It will be impractical for going through a security checkpoint. Nevertheless, this backpack is still great for general use.

Color Choices
Osprey Nova is available in plenty of color choices. The official website currently lists nine color choices, which include Black Orchid, Misty Gray, Pearl Gray, Birch White, Mariposa Purple, Tropical Green, Liquid Blue, Sandstone Orange, and Finch Yellow.

On the other hand, Osprey Celeste is only available in four color choices. The options are limited here. There are only Black Orchid, Mariposa Purple, Sandstone Orange, and Liquid Blue color variants.

Osprey Nova vs Celeste

- Suspended mesh ventilated backpanel
- TSA airport approved security and padded laptop and tablet sleeve
- Top grab handle and blinker light attachment
- Front panel stretch mesh pocket
- Front panel organization and side stretch mesh pockets
- Separate zippered laptop access
- Padded front grab handle
- A heat embossed scratch-free slash pocket keeps your sunglasses and other small items safe
- Every 24/Seven Series adult pack features a padded sleeve to keep your laptop and tablet safe
- Pockets: 6 interior slip, 2 interior zip, 4 exterior

All in all, Osprey Nova is more recommended for you. This backpack is still quite compact and lightweight while offering more storage space. It is ideal for daily commuting as well as short hiking or trekking. It is also great for traveling with an airline, thanks to the TSA-approved laptop compartment. Plus, it offers many more color choices.