Osprey Nebula vs Tropos

Many of us prefer to go lightweight and convenience whether it is just to college, office, or while traveling and backpack is the best compartment to fit all of our needs for the occasions. There are many great choices out there like Osprey Nebula Vs Tropos which are equally a nice options for anyone who commute daily, especially with public transportation. If you are also considering these options, see what we can expect from the backpacks below so then we can pick the better choice.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing a Backpack
– How to Shop for a Backpack
– What are Osprey Nebula and Tropos
– What Osprey Nebula and Tropos Look like
– How Many Compartments in Osprey Nebula and Tropos
– How are the Organizers of Osprey Nebula and Tropos
– What else Osprey Nebula and Tropos can offer
– Osprey Nebula Vs Tropos

The Pros of Backpack
No matter where you go, especially in cities or even in rural areas, chances you will find someone or lots of people wearing a backpack on their back and today where everything is moving fast, it seems that this type of compartment is getting more popular as well. Starting from school kids, college students, office workers, and travelers are using backpack to carry their belongings and it is not surprising for the compartment is indeed very useful for different occasions and activities.

Our favorite benefit of using a backpack is their capacity because unlike when wearing handbag and similar compartment, we can free our hands from lots of things like books, cellphone, laptop if you bring any, and even water bottle for hydration throughout the day. Some cities may not be as safe as your hometown and backpack will not only keep everything in place but also safer for we can slip them on the front as well to avoid your stuff from getting stolen while strolling around or commuting.

Another best benefit which is probably why most people are choosing backpack for various activities including for hiking or camping is the organizing feature. Most backpacks are not only coming with one compartment and depending on the model or type, they have several smaller pockets inside, mainly to store smaller items and fragile devices like laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, there will be other pockets to keep notes, smaller stuff like keys, or pens so we don’t have to rummage it when taking one out.

Shopping for a Backpack
With the demand of going convenience is getting higher today, many people are looking for a backpack that can suit their kind of activities. Of course not all of us will have the same needs and it is best to get the one fits yours the most for the one we used when hiking for a couple of days will be different from what we are going to use as daily commuting pack. The first thing is considering size such as from 20 to 50 liters for daypack or commuting pack.

The next part is considering features because not all backpacks are made to be the same and for those who often carry pretty much load everyday, we do recommend to look for backpack with internal frame that can be aluminum or plastic to give structure and makes the compartment lighter to carry. If you need to carry a laptop or other fragile devices, make sure to get the proper compartment to store all of them including side pocket to fit your water bottle.

About Osprey Nebula and Tropos
After you list down the features and what size to get, now we can head to shop for the best backpack which suit your application the most. Today, there is a huge amount of choices both from well-known companies and those we rarely heard of or unfamiliar and while they can be used to carry your belongings, not all will fit your choice of activities the same. Among those many reliable companies, Osprey is one of our favorite go-to brand for both commuting backpack and daypack while hiking.

We are sure those who often spend their free time doing some outdoor activities will be familiar with this brand because they are one of the biggest players in the market, together with other companies like North Face. We also like them due to the fairly affordable or competitive price because sometimes backpack can be very expensive and while they do seem very impressive, in our opinion it isn’t worth spending hundreds of dollars just to get a regular backpack. Read also: North Face Surge Vs Borealis here.

This company also has quite the amount to choose but, if what you are looking for is the backpack which are designed to be daypack or for everyday backpack while commuting to college and office, Osprey Nebula and Tropos will be a very ideal model to check out. Both of them are designed to fit in your everyday activity by offering many convenient compartments to simplify the organizing process and we also like the price range that will not break your bank.

However, we also understand why they are often compared and why many buyers are confused about which to choose since in general they are identical to each other and if you look closely, we can almost get everything from one backpack or Nebula on the other and vice versa. They are also fairly versatile since we can take them as daypack for a short trekking or hiking since we can fit basically enough equipment inside and outside yet, their focus is for everyday pack.

Osprey Nebula and Tropos Design
Everyday pack mostly look the same and it also includes Osprey Nebula and Tropos as well because speaking about fashion, there is nothing new about them and in comparison, we are sure many people will mistake them to each other in a glance. This is because they generally have the same shape and when you touch the material, these backpacks are made from the same fabric or Nylon Dobby Blend which is sturdy but is not waterproof yet.

Their maximum capacity is equally at 34 liters but there is something different about the size since they are not exactly measured the same. Osprey Nebula is overall slightly smaller than Tropos in comparison by being measured at 18.9-inch tall, 12.2-inch wide, and 11.8-inch deep as opposed to 20.8-inch tall, 13.4-inch wide, and 10.6-inch deep. When you check the back, their shoulder straps are equally padded and featured with sternum as well as adjustable waist belt too for better fit.

Osprey Nebula and Tropos Compartment
The first thing you may want to know about a backpack is probably the compartment and as everyday pack, both of these models are offering quite the choice inside. Let’s start with the main compartment and here we are getting a wide room to put book, jacket, headphone case, or any similar bulky objects safely but don’t forget about the laptop pocket because they also have one. This sleeve is padded but Tropos is very thin and it also lack the securing strap that we get in Nebula backpack.

This is probably because the Tropos sleeve is intended to be used as magazine compartment in which the laptop should go somewhere else. This somewhere else is exactly located in the next compartment since it is more padded and in this model, there is a zippered pocket as well probably to keep cables or similar small and thin stuff. In Nebula, we also have a second main compartment with padded sleeve; perfect for MacBook Air and another zippered sleeve to keep another fragile device like tablet safely.

Osprey Nebula and Tropos Organizers
Moving further, there is a small, narrow pocket that we can access from the outside and we often use this to keep smartphone or headset cable since it is easy to take out. In the front of this pocket, there is another room and this is where small organizers are featured in because here we have smaller sleeves to put pens, notes, passport, cables, and similar stuff as well as key strap which are all available in both of Osprey Nebula and Tropos.

On the outer side of these backpacks, we can find another compartments which is secured with a strap in Nebula and with zipper in Tropose. The former is stretching so we can put larger items like ropes but overall both of them can keep smaller items that require quick access. Lastly, we have two pockets on each side which is also stretching in Nebula to put your water bottle or folding umbrella.

Osprey Nebula and Tropos Features
On the additional features, Osprey Nebula and Tropos are equally made with the company’s cooling technology called AirSpeed which is designed for activity under warm weather with the Multi-Sport Syncro to offer high performance fit and highly ventilated back system so we can comfortably carrying the backpack without getting too warm. They also have both upper side and lower compression straps to squish the load when you carry many items. Additionally, there is blinker light attachment when you ride a bike at night or hike near traffic.

In comparison, these backpacks are very similar to each other because virtually what you get from Nebula will also present in Tropos but what sets them apart the most in our opinion is the padded main sleeve inside which most people probably will use to keep laptop since this compartment is more padded than what we get in the latter backpack. The outer compartment is also different for Nebula is secured with strap and Tropos is with zipper so the latter is more secured even for smaller items.

Osprey Nebula vs Tropos

- Suspended mesh ventilated backpanel
- TSA airport approved security and padded laptop and tablet sleeve
- Top grab handle and blinker light attachment
- Front panel stretch mesh pocket
- Integrated kickstand to keep your pack upright and accessible
- Separate zippered laptop and tablet pocket access (fits up to most 17” laptops)
- Front panel vertical zip stretch pocket and a heat embossed scratch-free slash pocket
- Front panel organization pocket with key clip

All in all, the choice is all yours and there is no bad options between the two for we do like them a lot as daily backpack due to the enormous organizing compartments and big capacity but if we are to pick one, we will go with Nebula because it’s main sleeve is padded more and also lighter than Tropos.