Osprey Nebula vs North Face Surge

It seems that everybody is wearing a backpack today especially those who loves to travel light and carry various items daily whether to school, college, or to the office. If you are commuting with a backpack as well, Osprey Nebula Vs North Face Surge will be a very nice models to check out because they are designed to provide better organizing as well as comfortable to carry around. For those who are interested in these backpacks, see which model will fit your day the most here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Using Backpack
– How to Choose a Backpack
– What are Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge
– What Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge Look like
– How are the Compartment of Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge
– How are the Organizer of Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge
– What else Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge can offer
– Osprey Nebula Vs North Face Surge

Backpack Benefits
Moving fast is one of the most useful skills today because everything needs to be effective and human are seeking a way to always remove obstacle as well as inconvenient methods in which one of them is making traveling more compact. We see the trend of backpacking still going strong even today and there is no backpacking without a backpack which is the center of our attention today especially those who carry lots of belongings or stuff with them such as high school or college students.

While female office workers are rarely seen carrying a backpack to their workplace, those who bring lots of stuff to the workplace such as lunch pack, laptop from home, hydration tumbler, or even a change of clothes for after work gym will choose to use this convenient compartment to transport all of them, neatly in one place. It is even more useful when you are taking public transportation for it eases the weight on our body due to the different carrying mechanism.

Besides the convenient and compact form, our favorite part of using backpack as a go to commuting pack everyday is because they have various useful organizing features and large main compartment. Those small sleeves or pockets can be helpful when you need to put lots of smaller stuffs thus, we don’t have to rummage the whole pack just to get to our wallet or card holder and quicken the process anytime we need to take out or put something inside.

Backpack Features
However, it seems that not all of us will need the same backpack because depending on what you want from the compartment or what type of activities we will be using them on, our choice may vary widely. The first is probably size because no matter if you want to commute, travel, or hike with the pack, size matters to make sure we can fit everything inside and usually, daypack is about 20 to 50 liters in capacity in which mostly commuting packs are measured around 30 liters.

Depending on what you plan to do or what activities we are going to use the backpack for, things like material or additional features also matter. For example, those who are going to hike or use the pack for hiking may need a waterproof coating to prevent water from wetting their belongings inside and sturdy fabric to sustain more stress. If you are using them as commuting pack for daily use, some small pockets or sleeves can be very useful to organize delicate and petite items.

About Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge
When you already list down what to look at on the backpacks, now is the time to see what the market is offering because there are so many of them out there especially from those outdoor gear companies. All of them will carry your stuff just fine but slightly different in material, weight, compartments or additional feature will matter as well and this is why we have to shop carefully thus, we can get the best choice in a range of budget you are willing to spend.

Talking about backpack, it is hard not to mention Osprey or North Face because they are two of the biggest players in the market along with some other companies like Columbia. They are pretty well-known among backpackers and people who love to commute conveniently as well as those who often do outdoor activities. But, what we love the most from these brands is the quality for they are rugged and will stay for years even when being used everyday yet also friendly to our pocket.

Osprey and North Face have quite the options in terms of product choice and lots of them are very interesting but, if you are looking for daypack or backpack for everyday activities, Nebula and Surge will be the most ideal choice. Both of them have enough capacity for a short hike and can carry so many items for your daily commuting to school, college, or office with big main compartment, various separated sleeves, and enough organizing pockets to keep everything neat.

Nebula also have a close brother called Tropos that you can check on our Osprey Nebula Vs Tropos which shares almost the same design and features but has zippered pocket at the front instead of secured with strap. As for Surge, North Face seems to upgrade this backpack so unlike the older version, now it is smaller both in size and capacity as well as made with different fabric yet, the features stay the same on both versions.

Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge Design
Coming into the shape of Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge, both of them are looking like any backpack for everyday use or as daypack out there with generally, boxy shape and front opening system which makes it easy to take and put things inside. They are not necessarily bad looking nor stylish but as long as the backpacks are functional, we don’t pay much attention to appearance yet, these two are acceptably good to look at and have various shades to choose.

The rear or back area are padded along with the shoulder strap then combined with sternum and hip belt to provide better fitting. They are also similarly made from Nylon specifically Dobby Blend for Nebula and Oxford Slub for Surge. Putting them side by side, it seems that the latter is slightly bigger by being measured at 20-inch tall, 13.2-inch wide, and 10.5-inch thick, while the former is at 18.9-inch tall, 12.2-inch wide, and 11.8-inch thick. In comparison, Surge is also slightly heavier at 2.8 lbs. as opposed to 2.4 lbs.

Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge Compartments
When shopping for a new backpack, the first thing you may want to check is the compartment for it will ensure that we can fit what we want to carry inside. Similarly, both backpacks are featured with one big, main compartment with a separated, thin sleeve inside which is not meant to keep laptop or tablet in Nebula but to keep thin books like magazine or notes since there is definitely lack of padding here. The main room is wide and you can put extra jacket, books, lunch, or headphone case.

The next compartment is located next to it in the middle and it is where we can keep laptop for the separated sleeve is padded nicely to secure fragile and delicate items safely. It can take the standard 13-inch laptop just fine or if you have a tablet, we can fit them nicely here as well just not at the same compartment especially for Nebula for it has dedicated zippered pocket for tablet as well in which North Face Surge use this sleeve for tablet for its former sleeve is already padded.

Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge Organizers
Moving further, the last compartment is where you want to put smaller items like pens card, smartphone, tiny notebooks, and similar stuff. But in comparison, Surge has larger pockets here secured with zipper while Nebula has smaller, tall pockets nice to put pens or markers. Additionally, Surge has another zippered pocket located at the other side of the compartment, so in total it has a collection of approximately 5 pockets with one slimmer pocket while Nebula only have around 4 in which most of them are smaller ones.

Looking at the outside, we also gets another set of compartment and starting with Nebula, we have the standard water bottle pocket on each of its side combined with a stretchy pocket at the front which is secured with a strap to keep your gloves or similar items. Additionally, between the laptop and organizing compartment we have small pocket to keep sunglass or smartphone. In Surge we also have two water bottle pocket and another two zippered pocket at the front.

Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge Features
Last but not least is additional features and as you can see on the sample picture above, Osprey Nebula and North Face Surge have suspension straps but placed differently since the former has two at the top and bottom while the latter have one in the middle. Surge has another handle at the front to carry the pack flat which is useful when you are traveling and moving the unit often and additionally, we can put blinker in any of them with provided attachment.

Both of them are similar but also different because the laptop sleeve for Surge is in its main compartment while Nebula has a dedicated middle compartment to keep both laptop and tablet. Surge also has smaller zippered pockets at the last organizers combined with outer zippered pocket while Nebula has a small pocket at the top for easy access to sunglasses or smartphone. Nebula has two level compression straps and Surge only has one but it also has a dedicated front handle for convenience.

Osprey Nebula vs North Face Surge

- Suspended mesh ventilated backpanel
- TSA airport approved security and padded laptop and tablet sleeve
-Top grab handle and blinker light attachment.Removable 20 mm webbing hipbelt
- Front panel stretch mesh pocket
- Dedicated mobile-office compartment for a laptop, tablet and documents
- Huge main compartment for books and binders
- Front compartment with internal organization has a padded tablet sleeve, a pendolier and additional secure-zip pockets
- Reflective bike-light loop, water bottle tabs and shoulder-strap webbing create 360 degrees of reflectivity

Choosing between these popular backpack can be time consuming for we do love any of them but comparing the two, we do prefer the way Nebula organize items better and the flat rear padding is much more comfortable for us.