Osprey Meridian vs Ozone

Traveling is a very refreshing activity that not only will recharge your mind but also give a different perspective when encountering new cultures, people, places, events, and so much more. For those who want both convenient and comfort, Osprey Meridian vs Ozone are two amazing wheeled luggage to accompany your journey and the reason is because they are useful for different occasions. If you are also considering these luggage, see what they can offer and pick the one with the best capability matching your preference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Compartment to Pick
– What are Osprey Meridian and Ozone
– What Osprey Meridian and Ozone Look Like
– How are the Chassis of Osprey Meridian and Ozone
– How are the Compartment of Osprey Meridian and Ozone
– What else Osprey Meridian and Ozone can offer
– Osprey Meridian Vs Ozone

Suitcase or Backpack

Bag was created as a compartment to let the owner travel along with their belongings, safely and conveniently which is why everybody will need one because at some points, even though not everyday, we will leave the house to go somewhere whether it is just to attend our family’s wedding party or to attend the business meeting in another continent. Apparently, we cannot treat every journey as the same trip because they are certainly not and what’s more important is to find the ideal companion to go with.

The first thing we have to struggle when planning to do some trips or traveling is which compartment we need to bring that sometimes takes even longer than the exact time needed to pack our belongings. This is because we probably will need to own both of them to suit the kind of trip we are going on with and before you pack those shirts, jackets, and shoes, these are some points we need to consider when picking the ideal compartment:


Suitcase is very popular and we see them almost everywhere from those who stay at 5-star hotels to people who choose to get a cheaper inn while vacationing. Its best features or benefit is they are easy to maneuver on flat, smooth surface or on road thus, we don’t have to spend extra energy to lift them all the time. Second is how they provide a more ideal room and mechanism to put items neatly as well as easy to access from the main opening.

Osprey MeridianOsprey Ozone
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When arranged carefully, a suitcase can hold so many items for your traveling needs depending on the size and how long you need to spend the time. But, it also has some cons and the worst is being inconvenient especially for those who plan to move around a lot because not all places have an ideal places for us to roll their wheels and in addition, they are uncomfortable in crowded places like a packed train or bus for they will bump other people’s ankles or accidentally hit their feet.


With more and more people interested in traveling, there is a term called backpackers and as the name suggests, it is a method to travel lightly with backpack. This is certainly a well-known low-cost method and the best pros of it is the lightweight as well as compact size in which we can fit under seat or using the overhead storage just fine. It is always on our body so we can move better such as when riding a traditional public transportation or when you need to walk a lot during the journey.

Depending on the size, a backpack can be a problem as well because they tend to easily overloaded with unnecessary items and we also have to put more effort when taking out or putting items back in due to its mostly inconvenient loading mechanism. Read also: Osprey Volt 75 vs Aether 70 here.

About Osprey Meridian and Ozone

For those who already have a firm plan with their journey, we can easily pick to carry a suitcase or a backpack along but there are also times when you don’t know where the trip will lead on and if you are going to try both cheap inns and high-end hotels, why not picking the hybrid of them. This compartment is called wheel carry-on or wheeled luggage/backpack because of how they are made based on both of these different carrying methods.

This type of compartment is also suitable with various plans and depending on the model itself, will let you enjoy the compact feature of a backpack but convenient of a suitcase. Among those many companies with great wheeled carry on, Osprey is one of the most popular out there and the reason is they always have great products to offer with useful features and competitive price compared to many similar brands in the market. They also carry lots of choices from casual outdoor gears to a more formal ones.

If you are looking for a backpack with wheels that can be both easily transported and convenient enough to allow user take and put the items back in, then Osprey Meridian and Ozone will be the most ideal choice. Both of them are perfect for a short trip over the weekend because they are designed to be lightweight and easy to use or convenient for those who will often need to stop a lot but still in a place where they can roll their packs on.

While they are seemingly looking like just any backpack with a wheel installed at the bottom, they are in fact designed with real reinforcement to make sure your belongings will be safe and stay neat or organized inside. However, they are not exactly the same for there might be features in one of them that you will love better yet, overall Osprey Meridian and Ozone will be a great companion for convenient and lightweight short trip.

Osprey Meridian and Ozone Design

Talking about aesthetic, we don’t think that any of these carry on are unattractive because they are looking just like any huge backpacks out there but due to its nature, you will find the size can be a bit bigger as a backpack. They are available in several different sizes to match with how long you will need to spend on this trip for example, the picture we used above is between Meridian 60L and Ozone 42L but the biggest size available is 75L which can’t be called as carry-on anymore.

As for the dimension, following their sizing, each backpack will have their own surface for example the 60L Meridian is measured at 22-inch tall, 14-inch wide, and 9-inch deep while the 42L Ozone is measured almost exactly the same at 21-inch tall, 14.2-inch wide, and 9-inch deep but when you carry them on each hand, the Meridian is actually heavier than the latter. For the material type, they seem to use the same fabric and are equally sturdy or durable for most standard applications.

Osprey Meridian and Ozone Chassis

Moving further, let’s see what Osprey Meridian and Ozone are offering and for their most obvious part, the latter is coming with a single tube retractable handle as you can see on the sample picture above while the former has this classic two tube style which is also retractable. To let you walk around pavement comfortably, these packs are featured with high road chassis but slightly different because Ozone has the LT version used only in this series and it has 6001 aluminum frame to add into the pack.

Both of them equally have footbar to let the pack stand firmly when put aside but what’s different is Ozone use stainless here instead of plastic for better durability and in addition, between the ground and base, there is much space for higher clearance. As for the wheel, they seem to use polyurethane ones that should be great for various surfaces as long as it is flat and solid.

Osprey Meridian and Ozone Compartment

Moving into the compartment side, because this is one of the most important part to consider when buying a pack, what you will get from Meridian is another backpack that we can attach to the main pack for when you want to travel around the area from the inn or use it as daily pack when not traveling for it already has a nice organizing sleeves inside including a padded sleeve to keep up to 15-inch laptop safely and what’s impressive, this extension pack is also featured with suspension system of its own.

What’s similar about Osprey Meridian and Ozone is their single external pocket which is placed on top of the pack near the handle and it is a small compartment for users to keep liquids or toiletries and similar items we often have to access. For the main compartment, they are using this same mechanism of big and wide pocket just like a suitcase and this main room is featured with compression strap to keep items neat and safe while being transported.

Osprey Meridian and Ozone Features

For additional features, Meridian also have an interesting feature you may want to have for convenience and this is a backpack strap which is integrated into the pack. It makes the pack easier to carry when you have to move around more compact. This shoulder strap is concealed in a zipper compartment and you can access it anytime but the pack doesn’t provide waist strap for better comfort yet there is still chest strap to keep it still.


Both of them are an ideal wheel carry on to pick if comfort and convenient is at the top consideration. What sets them apart are the fact that Ozone was designed to be lighter, carry as many items, and have sturdier frame while on the other hand Meridian is a little heavier, has a backpack extension for daily pack, and a shoulder strap to let you carry it like a regular backpack.

Osprey Meridian vs Ozone

- Lightweight, high-rolling clearance chassis provides maneuverability
- A comfortable harness for backpack style carry with torso adjustability, stows in the rear panel pocket and is removable for additional storage room
- A detachable daypack for day trip adventures includes a 15"padded laptop sleeve, padded tablet sleeve
- 16" wide Highroad chassis optimizes volume for international carry-on dimensions
- Top and side padded handles for comfortable carry
- Tuck away tow strap lets you pull or attach another bag


There is no bad option between the two but we should pick based on our need because if you don’t want the daily pack extension or plan to use the shoulder strap then Ozone is a better carry on since the frame and pack itself is lighter.