Osprey FlapJack vs Pixel

Are you confused in choosing between Osprey FlapJack vs Pixel? These two backpacks are available in a similar price range. Both are designed to be convenient daypacks, suitable for daily commuting as well as short trips. Both FlapJack and Pixel are suitable for school and work. Still, there are several differences between these two backpacks that make them suitable for different needs and preferences. So, is it FlapJack or Pixel that is the most suitable for you? Find out below!

Color Choices
Osprey FlapJack and Osprey Pixel come with different color choices. Osprey FlapJack is only available in four color options, which are Black, Twilight Blue, Burnt Orange, and Peat Green. Don’t worry about visibility because Osprey FlapJack is equipped with reflective graphics that make you easier to see at night. For women’s backpacks, take a look at Osprey FlapJack vs FlapJill.

Meanwhile, Osprey Pixel provides three color options, which are Black, Caspian Blue, and Shark Grey. The Caspian Blue version is much lighter in color. However, Osprey Pixel is not equipped with reflective graphics. At least, there is a blinker light attachment if you want to improve the visibility.

Build Quality
Osprey Pixel is a more rugged backpack because it is made from thicker, stronger fabrics. It is made from 600D x 900D Poly fabrics. However, Osprey FlapJack is actually also a highly durable backpack, made from 600D Polyspun fabrics.

Osprey FlapJack measures 19 inches tall, 13 inches wide, 9 inches deep. This backpack is also equipped with a spacer mesh harness and a ridged mesh foam back panel to improve comfort. There is a removable hip belt that you can use to adjust the load and keep the balance.

On the other hand, Osprey Pixel is slightly larger, measuring 20 inches tall, 14 inches wide, 9 inches deep. It comes with the NeoSpacer shoulder harness and the reverse spacer mesh AirScape back panel for improved comfort and breathability.

Capacity and Storage Features
Perhaps the difference that people usually consider the most when choosing between Osprey FlapJack vs Pixel is the capacity. Osprey FlapJack is the smaller one of the two. It has a total capacity of 21 liters (1282 cubic inches). It does not have many storage features; it simply has a side pocket for a water bottle, a full-length side zippered pocket, and internal sleeves for organization.

On the other hand, Osprey Pixel provides bigger storage. The total capacity is 26 liters. It also has a number of storage features. This model is a great choice for school and work because it has internal document sleeves and a dedicated laptop compartment. Inside, you can find a scratch-free zippered pocket for glasses or electronics and a front organizer pocket. It also features a lower zip compartment and water bottle pockets.

Osprey FlapJack vs Pixel

- 100% Man-Made-Materials
- Imported
- Zippered top slash pocket provides extra storage for items that need to be accessible
- Dual side panel water bottle pockets provide
- A scratch-free zippered pocket
- Flap-style access to main compartment

Osprey Pixel is the best value for the money. It has a bigger capacity, and it comes with a number of features that make it very convenient and organizable. The document and laptop sleeves and internal pockets make organization a breeze. It is also more durable. However, Osprey FlapJack is still a viable option if you really want to be as compact as possible.