Osprey FlapJack vs FlapJill

Yes, we know that Osprey FlapJack is for men and Osprey FlapJill is for women, but what are exactly the differences between the two models? Osprey’s Flap Series is specially designed for students and daily commuters who need a bag with clean, classic lines and modern storage features. However, choosing the right model can be tricky if you are not sure how the models differ from each other. So, see the comparisons between Osprey FlapJack vs FlapJill below!

Available Models
Generally speaking, men prefer things that are simple yet functional. Probably that’s why Osprey only released two models for the men’s line, which are Osprey FlapJack Pack (backpack) and Osprey FlapJack Courier (courier bag).

On the other hand, women often pay more attention to appearance and detail. The women’s line has four different models, which are Osprey FlapJill Pack (backpack), Osprey FlapJill Courier (the regular courier bag), Osprey FlapJill Mini (a smaller shoulder bag), and Osprey FlapJill Micro (an even smaller shoulder bag). If you are looking for something that is just big enough to carry your cosmetics and purse, you can consider getting the smallest option.

Color Options
From now on, we are going to focus our comparisons between Osprey FlapJack vs FlapJill with just the backpack models. Each of the two models is available in four color options, but the colors are different. FlapJack is available in black, burnt orange, peat green, and twilight blue. These are actually unisex colors that are suitable for both men and women.

On the other hand, FlapJill is available in black, dark magenta, desert tan, and twilight blue. The black and twilight blue options are actually usable by men, but the dark magenta and desert tan options are indeed rather feminine.

Size and Capacity
Osprey FlapJack is a little bit bigger and heavier than Osprey FlapJill. Each only comes with a single one-size-fits-all sizing. Osprey FlapJack is approximately 13 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 19 inches tall. It is about 2.01 lbs in weight. The total capacity is about 21 liters.

On the other hand, Osprey FlapJill is a little bit shorter. It is also 13 inches wide and 9 inches deep, but it is only 18 inches tall. The weight is about 1.92 lbs, and the total capacity is about 19 liters.

Both models are constructed from the 600D Polyspun fabric, which is quite rugged and durable. Both are equipped with reflective graphics to increase your visibility at night. Both feature mesh shoulder harness and mesh covered foam back panels for comfort.

Each model sports a single buckle flap for access to the main compartment, a full-length zippered side pocket, and a side water bottle pocket. You can find another zippered slash pocket under the top flap. Inside, there are 15” laptop and tablet sleeves to keep your electronics safe.

Osprey FlapJack vs FlapJill

- 100% Man-Made-Materials
- Imported
- Zippered top slash pocket provides extra storage for items that need to be accessible
- 900D poly
- Imported
- Zippered top slash pocket provides extra storage

Osprey FlapJack is available in two models, a backpack and a courier bag. Meanwhile, Osprey FlapJill is available in four models, which include a small shoulder bag and a smaller shoulder bag. Osprey FlapJack pack is a little bit bigger than Osprey FlapJill pack. Nevertheless, both models come with the same features. So, it is a good idea to choose Osprey FlapJack – the extra capacity can be handy.