Osprey Exos vs Talon

Everybody knows that a good backpack will be a very reliable companion in your journey whether you only staying for a day or for longer getting closer to mother nature. Hiking backpack like Osprey Exos Vs Talon will be a very ideal choice to go because they are designed for the application with all necessary compartments and of course, proper support for easy and comfortable backpacking. If you are also interested in these models from the company, see which bag will suit your preference the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose the Perfect Backpack
  • What are Osprey Exos and Talon
  • What Osprey Exos and Talon Look like
  • How are the Compartments in Osprey Exos and Talon
  • What Attachment Available in Osprey Exos and Talon
  • How are the Sizing and Fitting of Osprey Exos and Talon
  • Osprey Exos Vs Talon

Shopping for Hiking Backpack
Hitting the trail will require us to prepare for all the gears we need out there and carrying all of them will be much easier with a proper backpack that can hold all the things we need and still slightly available for your additional tools. Finding the correct backpack or planning on what to carry is not an easy process because chances, we will spend hours just to consider the terrain and what will be necessary for the activity as well as how many we should bring along.

To ease your preparation, there are some easy guidelines that can be very helpful so we can prepare everything faster and still proper for the amount of time spent adventuring.

  1. First is selecting the backpack and it should be according to your fitting because if the sizing is not proper, we will have a higher chance of injury while carrying them. The common guide are those whose torso is between 16-17 inches will fit into small, 18-19 inches will fit with medium/regular backpack, and those above 20 inches will need larger or tall backpack. In addition, days matter so we should pick based on how many days spent outside like 20-50 liters for 1-2 nights, and 50-60 liters for 2-3 nights.
  2. The second is customizable fit and this is necessary for we are going to carry a heavy load so if it is possible, try the backpack first or if shopping online, we can check if the model have certain fitting system like hip belt, adjustable sternum strap, load lifters, or stabilizer if any.
  3. The next is more into feature part because not all of them are going to offer the same capabilities and one of the most important is the material for the rugged it is, the more durable the backpack will be. Water resistant is popular coating or material choice and it is necessary when hiking since we will be dealing with nature in which we never know when we will be comes in contact with water.
  4. Forth is multiple compartments because a good backpack must have multiple rooms or slots to place your stuff and it is not ideal to just put everything together in one room for it will be hard to take out especially at urgent times. For example, make sure to have a large main compartment for clothes or shoes and put smaller items like compass, keys, smartphone, or cables on the pockets. Additionally, some dedicated compartment or attachment like hydration pocket and tool loop can be very useful as well.

About Osprey Exos and Talon
If you are ready to start the exciting adventure and need a reliable backpack to carry all of those needs whether you want to go for several hours or spend the night gazing at the beautiful sky out there, now is a good time to start shopping for the actual product. Like many other packs, backpack specifically made for hiking are widely available and we can find it from so many companies both we often heard or those we are still unfamiliar to.

The choice is all yours but in general, most people can spend around $100 to $300 for hiking backpack and it is best to set the budget first so we can eliminate the too cheap or expensive options quickly. Among those many companies that offer hiking backpack, we are sure most people are familiar with Osprey because they are one of the biggest players among other brands like the North Face or Gregory and we do love them for the fairly affordable price and high quality products.

However, for those who are planning to spend only a day out there or adventuring while riding their bike, Osprey Exos and Talon will be a very ideal choices to consider. Both of them are coming from the same range of product and made to accommodate a fairly shorter trip which is why they are made to be compact and smaller than for example the big brother Aether 70 that you can take for a few days. In general they can be utilized for hiking, backpacking trips, climbing, and peak bagging.

The available compartment and their lightweight as well as comfort making both backpacks a great companion for your adventure whether it is getting back to nature or to save the hassle of carrying suitcase in your cost saving and lots of walk travelling. Between the two, Exos seems to be the more popular but they are equally working very well when you are the type who often carry necessary gears in their journey like helmet or trekking poles. Read also: North Face Jester Vs Columbia Northport.

Osprey Exos and Talon Design
Speaking about the design, we are sure that not all of us will have the same opinion on how cool or dull Osprey Exos and Talon are but they are looking just like typical hiking backpack or travelling backpack out there, with streamlined body and minimalistic design. They do have color option however such as red or green so at least we can pick the one that match our taste. As an example, we are picking the slightly bigger version from both model or the 48 and 44 liters.

We supposedly get the same size but unfortunately Talon is topping at 44 liters and if you want a bigger backpack, Exos does have a 58 liters size in the catalogue. In a glance they look like a close brother with floating removable top lid featured with zippered stash pocket at the top and various tools attachment all over the body. Additionally they also equally have hipbelt and sternum strap to improve the backpack fit on your body.

Osprey Exos and Talon Compartments
When looking for a backpack, one of the most important things is the compartment and as you can expect, both of these models are similarly using the top-load system once you remove the floating compartment at the top. This specific lid has two zippered pockets featured on and one has external access while the other is beneath the lid. What’s special is Talon also equipped the main compartment with zipper at the bottom so we can access things easier if you want to put something that can be easily taken out.

On the front of the pack, we also get a huge stretchy pocket with a buckle on the top which can be very useful to store various stuff. Like many other hiking pack, we will also get the side pocket option here to put water bottle or any gear that fits inside. What’s great is both of them have top and side entrance so we can take things easier even while moving. As for the hydration pocket, they put it differently inside Exos main compartment and on the rear of Talon.

We also want to mention that Osprey Exos backpack is already renewed because in the past this model also have a hip pocket and pockets on the shoulder strap which the former is still available in Talon but, if you are getting the newer version, these two are no longer featured in the backpack and it is quite disappointing for we do like them.

Osprey Exos and Talon Attachment
If you are going to need several larger tools while adventuring, Osprey Exos and Talon will provide the useful features as well because both of them are equally featured with trekking pole attachment and ice axe attachment that we can use to secure them properly on the bag which is great so we can walk on all sorts of terrain while keeping those tools in place.

Additionally, Exos has removable sleeping pad straps for extra carry while in Talon we can access it from the aforementioned bottom zipper.

Osprey Exos and Talon Fitting and Sizing
The last thing we want to talk about these amazing hiking backpack is their sizing and fitting because all of us want to own the one that match our body the most.

Like many other backpacks, Exos’s waist belt is permanently attached but they do made small, medium, and large sizing options. As for Talon, they have two sizing options but we can dial in the fit even more by moving the shoulder straps together by tightening the load-lifter straps so we can make a better custom fit.

Osprey Exos and Talon are an ideal choice for your one night adventure or even a week of backpacking, but they are not an identical models because as it has been mentioned above, Exos do offer bigger capacity and more sizing option yet, Talon is better in terms of custom sizing. Talon also have bottom zipper to put sleeping bag so we don’t have to use the main compartment for easier access and it still have the hip pocket in case you prefer this small compartment as well.

Osprey Exos vs Talon

- Integrated FlapJacket protects packed gear when top lid is removed
- Front stretch mesh pocket stores rain gear and layers for easy access
- Dual access stretch mesh side pockets for storing water bottles and other gear
- Dual-zippered panel access to main compartment
- Stow-On-The-Go trekking pole attachment
- LidLock helmet attachment

At this point we are sure you can already choose to go with which backpack because they are quite different but, we personally like Osprey Talon better for it has almost all the important features in Exos and adding some to make it better.