Osprey Exos vs Levity

Bag is something essential we need every day for many activities. Bag also has many various and model, from the sling bag, hand bag to backpack. For me personally, I love most the backpack because it is practical and can be used to bring many stuff.

And for the one who loves hiking, climbing or doing an outdoor activity like camping, backpack is also the best choice. And backpack is also the best choice for many travelers since it is easy to bring and we may load many stuff in the backpack.

Since it has a multipurpose thing, the backpack usually designed based on the used and the purpose of the consumer. That result in many brand and type of backpack in the market. That will make us so confuse in choosing the best backpack.

So, in this article to help you decide which backpack will be suitable for us, our needs and activity, we will compare two different backpack models that coming from same company. There are Osprey Exos and Osprey Levity. Here are the comparisons!

Osprey Exos
The principal thing that must be said about Osprey when getting one of their packs is the popular All Mighty Guarantee. So, this implies your Osprey backpack and the majority of its parts have lifetime security against harm. On the off chance that solitary my other rigging had a similar certification!

Purchasing an Osprey backpack is a strong venture that you realize you can use for a considerable length of our time, scarcely any organizations out there will fix your pack for nothing in a moderately short measure of time. In the event that you are an individual that will in general misuse your apparatus, the All Mighty Guarantee is a gift!

Osprey offers a wide determination of backpacks for pretty much every sort of movement or open air action. A backpacker needs a pack that fills a wide range of needs and is fit for making a trip to the majority of the distant as easily as its proprietor. See also: Osprey Nova vs Celeste.

Unclip the removable skimming top and supplant with the fixed Flap Jacket to shield your apparatus from the components and limit weight. This is really cool on the off chance that you need to evacuate your top all together so as to make the pack lighter or littler.

This pack is marginally over the farthest point with respect to being a carrier adequate portable suitcase. Nonetheless, with the top evacuated it could be conceivable to get it little enough to be acknowledged (perhaps). Continuously check what your aircraft permits before appearing at the air terminal!

Continue travel backpacks are extraordinary in the event that you intend to take heaps of spending flights. A movement backpack that is unreasonably little for your needs, yet is an adequate portable size does not do you much good at last.

Continually feel like your old pack is making a back marsh under your shirt? I loathe the sentiment of a backpack not permitting any natural air into regions that need it the most: your back and bears! Enter the Airspeed ventilation framework. The name of the ventilation framework for the Osprey Exos seems like the structure of an advanced rocket ship part. Be that as it may, we are not sold on extravagant names alone! The framework really brings about the ideal result.

The Air Speed 3-D tensioned work back board was planned to meet the majority of your free streaming air needs. There are strong 5 crawls of air space between where your back sits and the edge of the pack! Obviously, on the off chance that you are placing in extended periods squashing some trail miles, you will undoubtedly sweat. Having a decent ventilation framework set up enables you to remain as cool and dry as could be expected under the circumstances, notwithstanding when you are buckling down.

Osprey Levity
The Osprey Levity is a ultra light backpack accessible in a 60L or 45L size and weighing just shy of 2 lbs. Eagerly awaited, the Levity packs are one of the main ventilated ultra light backpacks accessible with a suspended work backs to help keep you cooler and drier while backpacking. Ventilated backpacks have their qualities and shortcomings, which I’ll expand on underneath. Be that as it may, other than the utilization of lightweight textures, the Levity backpacks aren’t an extreme takeoff from Osprey’s different backpacks and will be anything but difficult to change to in case you’re now an Osprey pack proprietor, without having to drastically switch your gear rundown or style of backpacking.

Specs :
• Osprey Levity 60L (weight): 31.8 oz (tried, size enormous)
• Osprey Levity 45L (weight): 29.7 oz (tried, size medium)
• Type: inward outline, suspended work, top
• Bear canister similarity: 60L (vertical), 45L (vertical)
• Most extreme suggested load: 60L (30 lbs); 45L (25 lbs)

The Levity is essentially what you’d expect an Osprey ultra light backpack to look like with a fixed top pocket, draw string conclusion, fixed length hip belt, side water container pockets, and an open front pocket. In spite of the fact that the Levity 60L and 45L don’t have any hip belt or shoulder tie pockets, similar to the new 2018 Osprey Exos (see survey) which is likewise missing them.

The Levity’s fundamental compartment is huge, particularly on the 60L backpack, and it can fit heaps of apparatus. It’s made with an almost straightforward 30d silnylon which gives a great deal of light into the pack so you a chance to can discover stuff. The primary compartment is protected on three sides by double side pockets and enormous front pockets, which is altogether made with strengthened strong 210d texture and secure the internal silnylon pack.

Be that as it may, the bend of the ventilated back makes the Levity impressively harder to pack proficiently than backpacks with progressively rectangular principle compartments. This is valid for the two sizes, the 60L and 45L variants of the pack.

The top cover has one profound pocket and is fixed to the pack, not at all like a gliding top that you can rise on the off chance that you have to overstuff the primary compartment. That is a quality in my book, in light of the fact that the pocket doesn’t flounder back when it’s over-burden as it does on numerous packs with top covers, and force you in reverse.

The Levity is a ventilated backpack with a border wire edge and suspended work back board. The casing is very springy and has a great deal of sidelong flex (bob even) to it, however like many ventilated backpacks, it tends to pull you in reverse onto your heels on the grounds that the back is so pointedly sunken. While load lifters help to address this back tilt, the impact is still very observable.

Osprey Exos vs Levity

- Integrated FlapJacket protects packed gear when top lid is removed
- Front stretch mesh pocket stores rain gear and layers for easy access
- Dual access stretch mesh side pockets for storing water bottles and other gear
- Fixed top lid with zippered pocket for organizing smaller items
- Bellowed front fabric pocket stores rain gear for easy access when skies darken, or wet gear after the downpour stops
- Dual access fabric side pockets for water bottles or smaller items with removable InsideOut compression cord

After all, each backpack should have their advantage for its users. And they also have their own disadvantage based on the purpose of the products. So you need to know your needs first before deciding which backpack will suits you well because backpack is somehow will affect on your body.