Osprey Escapist 18 vs Talon 22

Preferably, a daypack should be as compact and lightweight as possible. Its small size ‘forces’ you to carry only the essential items that you really need. But the compactness is not only for the sake of convenience, but also for safety; the compact and lightweight design, if combined with high-quality zippers, enables you to feel whenever your backpack is being tugged or opened from behind. Here, we have two great daypacks from Osprey, which are Escapist 18 and Talon 22. They are available in a similar price range. So, how do Osprey Escapist 18 vs Talon 22 compare against each other?

Construction and Durability
One thing to note about these two backpacks is that they are constructed using different fabrics. Osprey Escapist 18 is made from the sturdy and durable 210D Nylon Mini Hex Diamond Ripstop. It is reinforced further using the 420HD Nylon Packcloth for the bottom and accent. It is clearly more rugged and durable, as the maximum weight rating is higher at 25 lbs. For the larger size, see Osprey Escapist 18 vs 25.

On the other hand, Osprey Talon 22 is designed for more lightweight loads. It uses the 70D x 100D Nylon Mini Shadow Brick for the main construction, which is not as strong but indeed more lightweight. It also uses the 420HD Nylon Packcloth for the bottom and accent. It is only recommended for loads up to 20 lbs.

Size and Capacity
However, note that Osprey Escapist 18 is more compact. It is only 9 inches wide and 11 inches deep. The Small size is 17 inches tall, providing 16 liters capacity. The Large size is 19 inches tall, providing 18 liters capacity.

Osprey Talon 22 is quite wider, measuring 11 inches wide while the depth is also 11 inches. The Small size has 18.1 inches height and 20 liters capacity, while the Large size has 20.1 inches height and 22 liters capacity.

Osprey Escapist 18 vs Osprey Talon 22 backpacks have several important differences in terms of features. For daily commuting and biking, Osprey Escapist 18 is awesome. It features an external hydration pack sleeve that simplifies the needs to refill and protect your gear from potential spills. In addition, it comes with an integrated raincover, which is very handy and useful. The AirScape backpanel is ventilated and very comfortable.

On the other hand, Osprey Talon 22 is a great choice for day hiking. It has a set of features to keep the load stable and the bag comfortable. First, it is equipped with the BioStretch harness straps and hipbelt that are very easy to adjust. They keep the bag close to your back, enhancing the stability and weight distribution. Second, it has the Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment. Third, it features side stretch mesh pockets, harness slash pocket, and top zippered pocket for additional storage.

Osprey Escapist 18 vs Talon 22

- The harness is adjustable up to 5"/13cm
- The integrated
- An external reservoir sleeve
- Synthetic
- Imported
- Located between the Talon backpanel

In general, Osprey Escapist 18 is more recommended because it is a sturdier and more durable backpack. It is great for daily commuting and biking. The size is compact and lightweight, making it a very nimble model. The external hydration sleeve and integrated raincover are very practical. However, for day hiking, you should choose Osprey Talon 22, which has more specific features for the purpose.