Osprey Aura AG 50 vs 65

Osprey Aura is a popular and greatly loved model on the market. The backpacks in this series are designed for women, and they have been designed to be as compact, lightweight, and comfortable as possible. These backpacks are great for overnight trips, traveling, as well as hiking. However, many people often find difficulties in choosing the right bag size, and this is true for Osprey Aura AG 50 vs 65. Should you get the smaller version or the larger one? Is there any difference regarding the features? Find the answer below.

Build Quality and Dimensions
For sure, both Osprey Aura AG 50 and Osprey Aura AG 65 are made using the same materials. They use the extremely durable 100Dx630D Nylon Dobby fabric for the main construction. The bottom fabric is 420HD Nylon Packcloth, and the accent fabric is 210D High Tenacity Nylon. However, Osprey Aura AG 50 is only rated for a maximum load of 40 lbs, whereas Osprey Aura AG 65 has a maximum load rating of 50 lbs.

If you put the two models side by side, you can immediately see that Osprey Aura AG 50 is quite considerably slimmer and more compact. It measures 14 inches wide and 13 inches deep. It has three sizes, with the extra small size having 26 inches height, the small size having 28 inches height, and the medium size having 30 inches height. It is also more lightweight, making it a nimble backpack.

Osprey Aura AG 65 is larger and heavier. It measures 15 inches wide and 15 inches deep. The extra small size is 27 inches tall, the small size is 29 inches tall, and the medium size is 31 inches tall. You should choose the size that suits your physical height best.

The capacity difference between Osprey Aura AG 50 vs 65 is quite significant. Some people prefer to be as compact as possible, whereas some others prefer to have some extra space for easy access to items and for having some backup space for additional storage.

Osprey Aura AG 50 is great for short travels and overnight trips. It has more than enough space for clothes, essential gear, and equipment. If you are the type of person who prefers to compress everything down, this model is sufficient for most purposes. The compact and lightweight design will allow you to move freely. However, you should choose Osprey Aura AG 65 for hiking and long trips, especially if you prefer to have some spare space in your backpack.

In terms of features, Osprey Aura AG 50 and Osprey Aura AG 65 are very identical. They both have the Anti-Gravity technology for a breathable and comfortable back panel. The fit-on-the-fly hipbelt is especially handy, allowing you to adjust the fit while wearing the backpack and walking. They have a removable floating lid which can be replaced with the FlapJacket to minimize weight.

Osprey Aura AG 50 vs 65

- Women-specific design
- Adjustable harness allows the user to easily change the torso length of the pack
- Floating top lid can extend to accept oversize loads
- Nylon
- Made in USA or Imported
- Women-specific design

You should choose Osprey Aura AG 50 if you are looking for a backpack for short trips. It is more compact and lightweight. However, for hiking, Osprey Aura AG 65 is best. The extra space is useful for additional items and equipment, and also for allowing easier access to the items at the bottom.