Osprey Atmos 50 vs 65

Osprey Atmos 50 and Osprey Atmos 65 are both popular backpacks for hiking. Both of these two backpacks will allow you to enjoy your hiking trip without worrying about how to carry all your gear. Both are also equipped with various technologies such as the antigravity suspension system and adjustable harness to provide the most comfort and convenience. So, what is the difference between Osprey Atmos 50 vs 65?

Size and Capacity
Obviously, the most obvious differences between these two models are the size and capacity. Osprey Atmos 50 is generally lighter and it also has a narrower width. However, it actually has a greater depth. Thus, it may get a little bit thicker when fully loaded. Still, it is not as tall, and the main compartment mainly goes in a vertical direction. It has a total capacity of 50 liters.

On the other hand, Osprey Atmos 65 is a little bit wider and heavier. It is significantly taller, as the main compartment has a total capacity of 65 liters.

When choosing the right backpack size, people usually don’t want something that is too bulky because it may disturb their movement. However, when hiking for several days, you should consider getting a larger backpack in order to accommodate all the gear and equipment that you need.

Each of the two models is available in three fit sizes, which are Small, Medium, and Large. These fit sizes only vary by the height; the Medium size is usually used as the typical size. A Large-sized backpack is quite tall, and the extra height may block your sight when trying to peek over your shoulder.

Load Access
Although the two models have very similar designs, there is actually a notable difference regarding the load access. Osprey Atmos 50 is a single-compartment top-loading backpack, which means that you need to access everything from the top side. Accessing the objects at the bottom of the compartment will be difficult.

On the other hand, Osprey Atmos 65 has both a top lid and a zipper at the bottom, which means that you have two ways to access the compartment and you can easily reach the objects at the bottom.

Osprey Atmos 50 vs 65

- Synthetic
- Pockets: 3 interior slip, 1 exterior
- Nylon
- Five exterior zippered pockets and three slip pockets.

In general, Osprey Atmos 65 is a better bag. Not only because it comes with a larger capacity, but also because it has a bottom zipper that enables you to reach the bottom of the compartment easily.