Ogio Metro Backpack Review: Simple yet Spacious

In this Ogio Metro Backpack review, we’ll take a look at an excellent backpack for daily commuting, biking, and short day hiking. This backpack is awesome because of the spacious main compartment, various external pockets, and durability. However, it does have some quirks, so continue reading below to find out whether it is worth your money or not!

What we will discuss below include:
– Whether the backpack is portable and easy to use
– The build quality of the backpack
– The laptop compartment of Ogio Metro Backpack
– The storage space and organization pockets of the backpack
– Whether you should get Ogio Metro Backpack or not

Laptop Compartment
On the back of the bag, there is a side-entry laptop sleeve. This design is nice because it allows you to put in and take out your laptop without disturbing the main compartment. It is also great for traveling because you can easily take out the laptop when passing a security checkpoint – for a TSA-friendly backpack, see also: Incase EO Travel Backpack Review.

Another great thing about the laptop compartment of Ogio Metro is that it is quite wide. According to the specifications the laptop compartment is suitable for laptops of up to 16”. However, some people say that it is sufficient for a 17-inch laptop, even though it will fit tightly. So, this model is a viable choice if you are looking for a backpack that can carry your large-sized gaming laptop.

Unfortunately, the laptop compartment also has a weakness. Although the side is padded, the bottom is not. As the effect, when carrying a laptop inside the backpack, you have to handle it carefully. You should never drop the backpack to the ground, as the impact will reach your laptop and cause damage. This is an important consideration when in an airport; you should not hand it over as a luggage, as it will probably get treated poorly by the staff.

Size and Weight
First of all, let’s take a look at the dimensions of this backpack. Ogio Metro looks attractive partially because of the compact and lightweight design. It actually measures 21” x 14” x 9.5”, but it has been smartly designed so that it does not look too large. The weight is about 2.4 lbs.

Nevertheless, Ogio Metro can be quite fat and bulky when fully loaded. In the backpack is in this state, you may find it a bit difficult to navigate. It may also be too large for riding a bike, especially if the bike has a low seat. So, you may want to avoid loading the bag too much unless you really need to.

The bag is usually small enough to pass as a carry-on. Just make sure that you don’t load it too much to the point where the bag becomes too fat and bulky. Also, as mentioned above, make sure to handle the backpack carefully when you are carrying a laptop in it.

Build Quality
Ogio Metro is constructed from a combination of 600D polyester and 400×400 Dobby Pindot nylon. The build quality is actually good. You can feel that the fabrics are quite sturdy and durable. This backpack can survive through the abuse of daily usage.

However, there is another weakness of Ogio Metro. It is not water resistant. The bag will get drenched quite quickly when in a heavy storm. Water can easily get into the main compartment. Even the media pocket, which is said to be water resistant, can also get wet. So, you should consider getting a rain cover for the bag when traveling with it.

The shoulder straps are soft and comfy. The top handle, which is connected to the shoulder straps, is padded, so you can haul the backpack comfortably. It is equipped with a sternum strap, which is useful for stabilizing and keeping the backpack in place when you are carrying a heavy load.

The main compartment is incredibly spacious. It has a total capacity of 36 liters. It is large enough for any daily commuting need. It is great for school and work. You can put your laptop, tablet, notebooks, and textbooks into the bag while still having enough space for a spare shirt and some snacks.

It is also a viable option for a daypack. Well, of course, getting a weatherproof backpack is better for day hiking, but Ogio Metro remains viable if day hiking is not your main priority but you still want to have a usable daypack when needed. The storage room is enough for several pairs of clothing, some snacks or meal boxes, and other tools.

Nevertheless, Ogio Metro is not suitable for long trips and winter trips. You need a larger backpack in order to carry thick winter coats, thick sleeping bags, and other necessary supplies.

Although the main compartment doesn’t have any pocket or other organization feature, Ogio Metro has plenty of external pockets. There are several pockets on the sides and front; these pockets are very handy for organizing small items. It has a dedicated storage space for your mouse and power cord.

Ogio Metro also has a dedicated sleeve for your mobile device. It is fleece-lined to protect the mobile device against scratches. In addition, it has a small exit port for your headphone cable. This is very nice. It allows you to listen to your favorite music without having to take out your smartphone or tablet from the bag.

- Polyester-blend - Imported - Back panel side-entry padded laptop pocket, large center storage area - Power cord and mouse storage, internal file sleeve

Ogio Metro is a nice choice for daily commuting and short trips. It has a spacious storage space, which allows you to carry just about everything you need for school or work. The laptop compartment can fit large-sized gaming laptops. And it has plenty of organization pockets. However, keep in mind that the backpack requires care, as the bottom of the laptop compartment is not padded and it is not water resistant.

Ogio Metro Backpack Review: Specifications
– Drop-in laptop sleeve
– Mouse and power cord storage
– Fleece-lined audio pocket
– Headphone exit port
– Large center storage
– Sternum strap
– Heavy-duty reinforcements

Brand: Ogio
Dimensions: 21” x 14” x 9.5”
Capacity: 36 L / 2200 Cu In
Weight: 2.4lbs
Laptop Sleeve: 10.5”x 14.5” x 2.5” (compatible with 16” laptops)
Materials: 600D Poly / 400×400 Dobby Pindot Nylon

Ogio Metro Backpack Review: Pros
– Very spacious storage
– The laptop sleeve is suitable for some of the larger laptops
– Plenty of organization pockets
– Allows you to listen to music without taking out the device
– Excellent build quality

– Can be a bit fat and bulky when fully loaded
– Not suitable for riding a bike with a low seat
– Not water resistant

Ogio Metro Backpack Review: Price
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