North Face Surge vs Borealis

Adventuring required us to carry various necessities to accompany the journey and all of them should fit the bag which is why it is important to get the ideal model for our activity. For those who plan to spend some time enjoying what nature gives them, North Face Surge Vs Borealis are two great backpack to carry and fit all of your necessities inside. If you wonder which model will be the best choice, see what they can offer below so we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to choose a Backpack
– How to Choose the Correct Size
– What are North Face Surge and Borealis
– What North Face Surge and Borealis Look like
– How are the Laptop Compartment of North Face Surge and Borealis
– How are the Main Compartment of North Face Surge and Borealis
– Are North Face Surge and Borealis Waterproof
– North Face Surge Vs Borealis

Choosing a Backpack
Living in a city can be very boring because everyday we are faced with the same activities with crowded roads and packed schedule as well as noisy environment. It sure provide us with much facility because everything is within our reach but sometimes, we need to get in touch with Mother Nature as well. Adventuring out there is both fun and healthy for our body and mind because we can break from our fixed schedule and lifestyle then breath in an open, fresh air for a while.

If you also love to spend some time in nature, it is better to prepare all of the necessities to be fully prepared when doing the activity whether you want to camp while hunting or just go hiking for a day. Before we can fit all of those equipment inside, first we need to select the suitable backpack to carry all of them because it is unlikely that our highschool bag are going to fit all of them or able to withstand the stress.

Choosing a backpack can be very simple and complicated at the same time because unlike for daily commuting, style is not everything. What you may want to pay attention to is choosing those that fits the body perfectly and we can measure our spine to the base of our neck to look for the best fit. To help with the fit, try using hip belt, shoulder strap, load lifters, and sternum strap if available so we will know how the bag will feel like when loaded later.

Sizing a Backpack
Another necessary step is choosing the size since the amount of equipment we will be carrying depend on how long the time were spend out there. Of course each person may have their own preference when it comes to personal belongings and what we need during the activity but it is good to follow the standard volume so we can be sure that our backpack is capable to fit all of those things necessary in our journey.

Commonly, a day outside will need a backpack which capacity is ranging from 20 liters to 35 liters on the top end and if you only plan to spend half a day, a smaller model should be sufficient for all we need. However, if water is not available in the place we plan to stay make sure to count it as well into the volumes we need to carry. In addition, we can’t forget about the 10 essentials like map, illumination, insulation, fire, first aid, etc.

About North Face Surge and Borealis
If you are going on trails or like to travel lightweight, backpack is a very ideal option to get because it is overall more convenient to carry around compared to when carrying a suitcase. It is also versatile and if you are picking the smaller size, we can even use them for everyday pack to college or to the office since most models today already featured with necessary peripheral compartment such as laptop sleeve or a small pocket to put your tablet and smartphone.

When talking about backpack, our mind instantly refer to one of the most popular backpacks today North Face and we are sure that almost all people, especially those who often doing outdoor activities are all familiar with this brand as well because they have been in the game for quite some time and offering many high quality equipment for the activity including reliable backpack for different occasions. They also have quite the amount of collection in the catalogue but for those day adventurer, the Surge and Borealis will be a very ideal option.

Both of them are highly rated as a compact backpack that often used as a daily driver or to accompany the user when spending a day out there in nature because overall these models are capable of doing so. However, it seems that the Surge bag is more familiar and popular as a daily pack by many people due to the many compartments inside to carry your small items including 15-inch laptop when needed. On the other hand Borealis seems to be more often being adventurer’s teammate.

It is probably because the backpack is built very sturdy which is a very necessary point to consider when looking for a pack for an adventurous activity for we never know whether they will be splashed with water or mud and if we can keep the pack safe near us all the time so a rigid backpack like Borealis is indeed very convenient. Read also: North Face Recon Vs Surge 2 here.

North Face Surge and Borealis Design
As you can see on the sample picture above, both of them are a very compact backpack and while Borealis looks like a bulkier option, this model capacity is actually lower at 28/29 liters while the former is at 31 liters. Talking about styles, it is very personal and we don’t think that these backpacks are exceptionally hideous or stylish but we do think they are suitable for both daily and adventuring pack. These backpacks are also very sturdy and made similarly from nylon.

When you place them side by side, it is easy to tell which the bulkier and heavier bag is, that all refer to Surge. This model is measured at 8-inch deep while the latter is only 6-inch but it only slightly taller than Borealis at 20-inch. However, the strap length is longer in Borealis backpack at 37.5-inch and the former is only at 31-inch.

North Face Surge and Borealis Laptop Compartment
When checking a backpack, the first thing you may want to see is the compartment especially the laptop sleeve because for everyday gear, this compartment is one of the most necessary part to take a look. Both of North Face Surge and Borealis are featured with the same size laptop compartment that can take your device up to 15-inch and even small tablet inside without letting it slide through the bottom. What’s different is Surge line this compartment with micro fleece to avoid scratches.

In addition to the main laptop compartment, North Face Surge backpack is also coming with another sleeve at the front to keep smaller tablet or the 11-inch Chromebook which is padded as well so we can fit similar devices here without worry. The problem with this compartment is unlike the main laptop sleeve, there is no strap to hold the device properly in place and there is no padding on the top edge and corners so there is no protection in these sides.

North Face Surge and Borealis Main Compartment
Other than these main devices sleeve, North Face Surge and Borealis have a whole set of compartment we often get on similar backpack but it is also true that Surge is offering slightly more in terms of carrying daily gear due to the lots of organizational options. One feature we love from Borealis is the Velcro tab located at the top of the laptop storage space so when not in use, we can put hydration bladder inside when carrying the pack while hiking.

As for the main compartment, these backpacks offer quite the amount to fit inside and we don’t see any problem putting shoes and harness as well as extra layers but keep in mind that this is the largest space we have in the unit. If used as a daily pack, this space can fit many things whether it is college books, jacket, or your tumbler and even lunch box. Another feature we love from Borealis model is the bungee system because we can use it to hold jacket or helmet which can’t be fitted inside anymore.

North Face Surge and Borealis Water Protection
Another necessary feature you may want to know is the water resistant capability of these backpack because we don’t see any rating here and if you plan to spend the night outside, this is a very important part to notice especially if there are electronics inside. North Face Surge and Borealis are safe if it is just a splash of water but Borealis did win because they put flap on the zipper, blocking water or rain from entering through it.

These backpacks are indeed a good option for those who want to spend the night outdoors, hiking or for a daily pack to college and office but it is also true that Surge is better in terms of compartments since this pack makes organizing everything a breeze especially with electronic devices. Borealis at the other hand shines the most in water protection and additional bungee system to affix more gears on the unit.

North Face Surge vs Borealis

- Mesh,Nylon,Polyester
- Imported
- Buckle closure
- 15" shoulder drop
- 20" high
- JK3, ENX, EC3, EM0: 400D nylon with non-fluorinated durable water-repellent (NF DWR) finish
- Made in USA or Imported
- Give your commute an extra charge with The North Face® and the Surge Backpack.
- Two spacious main compartments with dual-zip closure.
- Dedicated, lie-flat 15" laptop compartment is lined with fleece and makes for checkpoint-friendly travel

We are sure at this point most of you can already decide to go with which backpack because they are equally reliable but, if the main purpose is for daily driver, we do like Surge backpack better yet, if it is for hiking or adventuring, North Face Borealis is a more ideal choice.