North Face Router vs Surge

In this article, we will discuss the comparison between two North Face backpacks that are great for commuting, North Face Router and North Face Surge. They come with a number of similar features, such as the laptop sleeve and the ventilated back panel. So, between North Face Router vs Surge, which model is better for the money?

Continue reading and find out further about:
– The similar features that both models have
– The size and weight of each model
– The total storage capacity of each model
– The size of each model’s laptop sleeve
– The side pockets of North Face Router vs Surge
– Which backpack that is generally more recommended

The Similarities
First of all, North Face Router and North Face Surge are designed to be used as daypacks. They are suitable for commuting and short trips. You can use these backpacks for going to work or school. They both have padded laptop/tablet sleeves, and most of their pockets are fleece-lined so that they can provide optimal protection to electronics and other delicate items. For hiking backpacks, see Osprey Exos 48 vs 58.

North Face Router and North Face Surge are compliant to TSA requirements. Their laptop/tablet compartments are made in a lay-flat manner, so that you can easily go through checkpoints in airports. Both backpacks have some external pockets that are handy for water bottles and other items that you want to separate from your other belongings.

Each of these backpacks is equipped with reflective bike loops for visibility in low light situations. So, if you happen to end up walking down the roads at night, either of these backpacks can help you remain visible to other road users and drivers. Each also has a sternum strap and a removable waist belt, both of which are very useful to keep the load stable and your backpack in place when you are moving.

Size and Weight
The first notable difference between North Face Router vs Surge which you can easily notice is the size. They do have similar shapes, but their sizes are noticeably different. This is an important difference if you have a particular preference regarding your bag’s dimensions.

North Face Router is bigger. It measures 8 inches thick, 13.8 inches wide, and 21 inches tall. The weight is about 3 lbs 8 oz. It is not too large, and it is quite lightweight. It is a good choice if you need a spacious backpack for daily activities. However, if you want the most compact and lightweight option available, it is not really the best choice.

On the other hand, North Face Surge is smaller. It measures 8.5 inches thick, 13 inches wide, and 19 inches tall. It can be a little bit thicker than the Router if you fully load it, but it is not as wide and tall. So, if you don’t want to carry a bulky bag, you can try to arrange the items inside to keep the bag from fully expanding.

The Surge is also lighter. The weight is about 3 lbs 2.8 oz. The compact, lightweight design will allow you to maneuver easily when moving through a crowded area.

Storage Capacity
Of course, the primary difference between North Face Router vs Surge is the storage capacity. So, you need to carefully consider how much space that you actually need. If you are the type of person who always value any extra space for spare clothes or additional supplies, North Face Router is great. However, if you prefer to be compact and lightweight, North Face Surge is probably more suitable.

North Face Router has a total storage capacity of 41 liters. It is actually one of the company’s largest backpacks. It is really spacious. In addition to your laptop and some books, you can also put a gym bag inside. This is also a good choice for short trips.

On the other hand, North Face Surge has a total storage capacity of 33 liters. The capacity is indeed quite smaller than that of the Router. It is already sufficient for daily commuting, as you can put your laptop, books, and some snacks or a food box inside. It may also be used for short trips if you usually only travel light.

Laptop Sleeve
Before you make your choice, don’t forget to check your laptop’s size. While it is true that both of these two models have laptop sleeves, the sizes are actually different. North Face Router has a larger laptop compartment than North Face Surge.

The laptop sleeve on North Face Router is suitable for a 17-inch laptop. This is the suitable choice if you have a 16-inch or 17-inch laptop. If your laptop is smaller, you can still use this backpack. A small laptop or tablet may move a bit inside the large compartment, but the padding ensures that the laptop or tablet is properly protected.

The laptop sleeve on North Face Surge is suitable for a 15-inch laptop. So, if your laptop is larger than that, this backpack is not the best choice. But if your laptop is 15-inch or smaller, then the laptop compartment will fit better. Most laptops are 15-inch or smaller.

Side Pockets
North Face Router has non-flexible side pockets. The side pockets are made from a non-stretchy fabric. As the effect, they won’t be able to hold a particularly wide water bottle. You may also find that they are a little cumbersome when carrying a thin water bottle, as it may slip out from its place.

North Face Surge comes with stretchy side pockets. They have elastic bands which can accommodate thin and wide water bottles. The elastic bands can help to prevent water bottles from slipping out.

North Face Router vs Surge

- Imported
- Zipper closure
- 21.5" high
- 10" wide
- Dedicated, lie-flat, fleece-lined laptop compartment allows for protected, checkpoint-friendly travel
- Imported
- Nylon
- 19.5" high
- 12.75" wide
- Women-specific shoulder straps with flexible attachment points are contoured for a womens torso for a perfect fit for any size or shape

In general, North Face Surge is more recommended. This model is more compact and lightweight, so it will allow you to move and maneuver easily. It already has enough storage for most daily activities. The laptop sleeve is suitable for a 15-inch laptop. The side pockets are better because they have elastic bands to keep water bottles in place.