North Face Router vs Router Transit

What is actually the difference between North Face Router vs Router Transit? These two backpacks come from the same company and have very similar names, but we can easily see that they are not identical. Below, we will discuss the comparisons between these two models on several aspects.

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Size and Weight
At first, in terms of dimensions, these two backpacks may look similar. However, after comparing them carefully, we can see that the Router is a little bit smaller and lighter than the Router Transit. The differences are not dramatic, yet noticeable. See also: North Face Jester vs Borealis.

According to the specifications, North Face Router measures 22” x 14” x 8.5”. The weight is 1532 grams (3 lbs 6 oz). It is great for daily commuting. Depending on how much you pack your stuff inside it, the backpack may be able to pass as a carry-on when traveling with an airline. Many people have used it as a carry-on without any problem. You will need to put it on the overhead bin only when you fully load it.

On the other hand, North Face Router Transit is a bit larger. The specifications also say that this backpack measures 22” x 14” x 8.5”, but it just seems to be beefier. The weight is about 1615 grams (3 lbs 9 oz).Just like its sibling, North Face Router Transit is perfectly suitable for daily commuting and for a carry-on. When it is fully loaded, you can put it on the overhead bin above your seat.

Design and Build Quality
In terms of build quality, North Face Router vs Router Transit are equally great. They both are constructed from lightweight yet highly durable fabrics, 420D nylon and 1680D ballistics nylon, so they can withstand the abuse of daily usage. Nylon is tough and quite resistant to abrasion. In addition, the nylon fabrics are inherently water resistant (although not completely waterproof) and stain resistant.

In terms of design, these backpacks are similar but not identical. They both have plenty of zippered pockets, The North Face logo on the top right corner of the front panel, and the product name on the bottom left. However, besides the different product names, there is also another subtle difference.

North Face Router has a handle on the front panel. Well, the front handle is not something that people use frequently, but it is still nice when you need to carry the backpack in the particular manner. On the other hand, North Face Router Transit doesn’t have a handle on the front – this is not a real problem, as the backpack still has a top handle which most people prefer over the front handle.

Of course, these backpacks come with the Flex Vent suspension system. They both have custom injection-molded shoulder straps and padded mesh back panels. They wick sweat and moisture very well, and are quite breathable. These backpacks are very comfortable.

The biggest difference between North Face Router vs Router Transit is the storage capacity. North Face Router is considerably smaller than North Face Router Transit. Nevertheless, both models here are suitable for daily commuting and short trips.

North Face Router has a storage space of about 35 liters. Even though it is smaller than the sibling here, the internal space is already spacious enough for most school and work needs. It has enough space for your laptop, tablet, textbooks, notebooks, and stationary items. In addition, you can still put your deodorant and perfume, water bottles, and some snacks inside the backpack.

North Face Router Transit is even more spacious with a storage space of about 41 liters. The extra space is especially useful when traveling. You can load it with several pairs of clothing, plus some bathroom and grooming items. You should choose this model if traveling is one of your primary needs.

One of the best things about North Face Router and North Face Router Transit is the laptop compartment. Each of these two backpacks comes with a wide laptop sleeve that is compatible with 17” laptops. Most other backpacks are only suitable for 15.6-inch laptops, so North Face Router and North Face Router Transit are great options if you have a larger laptop. In addition, the laptop sleeve is nicely padded and is fleece-lined to provide optimum protection.

These backpacks are further equipped with several organization pockets. There is a secondary compartment for binders and notebooks. In the front compartment, there is a fleece-lined pocket suitable for a mobile device or sunglasses. There are zippered pockets and elastic webbings.

On the front, there are two vertical zippered pockets for your cables or other small items. An external fleece-lined pocket is available for quick access to your sunglasses or electronics. The side pockets for water bottles are made from the Teksever fabric, which is flexible and durable.

Available Colors
The original North Face Router is available in more color choices. There are at least eight options, which include black, cosmic blue, coffee brown, zinc gray, burnt olive green, red, orange, and ether gray. If you are looking for brighter, lighter colors, North Face Router is where you should go.

On the other hand, North Face Router Transit is only available in five color choices. There aren’t many variations here. The options only include black, zinc gray heather, cosmic blue, ink blue, and burnt olive green. These colors are mostly dark. It doesn’t have any light-colored variant.

North Face Router vs Router Transit

- 500D Cordura® nylon matte ripstop (TNF Black
- Imported, zipper closure, 21.5" high, 10" wide
- The FlexVent suspension system boasts custom injection-molded shoulder straps
- Dedicated, lie-flat, fleece-lined laptop compartment allows for protected, checkpoint-friendly travel
- Two water bottle pockets made with Teksever fabric discreetly hold their contents
- External fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses or electronics
- The FlexVent™ suspension system features custom injection-molded shoulder strap
- Secondary compartment for books and binders

In general, North Face Router Transit is more recommended. This model has a larger storage capacity. The extra space is beneficial for all people, especially when traveling. You can put additional pairs of clothing or some more snacks into the backpack. Just like its sibling, this backpack has a 17-inch laptop compartment and multiple compartments and pockets for organization.