North Face Recon vs Surge 2

For those who prefer backpack to carry their own belongings while traveling or commuting, you must want to own one that will be able to hold of your stuffs and comfortable enough in your back. In today North Face Recon vs Surge 2 article, we will compare these popular backpacks to see if they will meets the things you are seeking in a backpack or not. If you are interested in one of them, go check our article below before making any purchase.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What are North Face Recon and Surge 2
– What North Face Recon and Surge 2 Look Like
– North Face Recon and Surge 2 can offer to you
– North Face Recon vs Surge 2

About North Face Recon
North Face Recon is most popular as an electronic backpack that is marketed toward people who live in urban area to accompanied them commuting to and from work or school. This backpack is used by many people since it can contains many stuffs and keep them safe while being inside the backpack. The compartments are said to be large enough to stuff your laptop, jacket and any other gears. It also suitable for day hiking in the woods or mountains as well as available in different models for both women and men.

North Face Recon Design
From the outside, we can say that the North Face Recon looks good. It is stylish with simple design and a wide range of color options to choose, which is probably why it also popular among youngsters. The overall capacity of the pack is 30 liters making it suitable for daily packs to contains all of your stuffs. When you flip the pack, you will notice that the bottom is well padded and has trapezoid shape, so the front side will be narrower than the back. For another backpacks, go check our article on Osprey Farpoint 40 vs Kelty Redwing 40 here.

North Face Recon Compartments
North Face Recon has one large main compartment and another smaller compartment in the front. This main compartment is able to hold a laptop with 15 inch size while the smaller can be used to put your tablet or 11 inch Chromebook. What’s great with the laptop compartment is the suspended mid-back and the padding that stretches about 3 inches below the bottom of the compartment, which is designed to protect your laptop when you put it back down.

Inside the smaller compartment you can find internal organizers for pens and loose items, so they won’t scatter around. On the outside of the pack, there is a small zippered pocket that you can use to hold small electronic device like your phone. Move to the side, you can find two water bottle holders and front pouch with clip access at the front, which is great to keep things like headphones.

North Face Recon Comfort
An important point in a backpack that can’t be missed is the comfort. The North Face Recon comes with comfortable shoulder straps, waist strap and sternum strap, which is beneficial to stabilize the pack when you carry it while riding a bike. Another plus from the pack is the material it was made. The pack is coated with water resistant coating and flaps on the zipper to keep your stuff safe when there is sudden rain.

About Surge 2
Surge 2 is another popular backpack from North Face. This backpack is the choice of many people to help them carry their belongings when they go travelling or for everyday commute in urban environment. The pack is very versatile and can contain most of your stuffs that usually can’t be placed in a suit case, such as laptops, cameras, and other essentials. It is also bigger than the common laptop packs out there and even though very similar to Recon, it also has different features.

Surge 2 Design
Just like most of North Face backpack, the Surge 2 (North Face Recon and Surge 2) is very stylish or at least it looks as cool as the abilities. The design is simple with little details and comes in various colors, but the coolest of them all is probably the blue and black model. The backpack overall capacity is 32 Liters, so it is indeed bigger than most urban backpacks. When you see the back side, you can notice the amount of padding put to make sure your back is always comfortable when carrying the pack.

Surge 2 Compartment
Surge 2 has several compartments, but let’s talk about the one for laptop first. This backpack laptop compartment can be accessed via over the top zipper and when you open it, you can see it has 2 laptops sleeve and each one of them has a securing strap on top. The larger sleeve can keep 17 inch laptop while the smaller is perfect for 11 inch devices. Similar to Recon, there is backplate that stretch to the bottom of these pockets to secure your devices when you put the pack on the ground.

Beside the laptop compartment, the pack has two other big compartments. Inside the middle compartment is perfect to keep your clothes or jacket while the other has some organization inside to put pen, notes, and headset or other small things.

Surge 2 Comfort
In the comfort side, Surge 2 is among the best out there and very few can exceed how comfortable it is. What makes it feels great is the large back plate that makes the pack sit comfortably in your back. It also has sternum and waist straps to help secure your backpack and prevent it from moving around when you carry it. Another plus point is this backpack also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry when it is suddenly exposed to water.

Now, let’s compare North Face Recon with Surge 2. The prominent difference between them are the size and the compartments. We know that Surge 2 is bigger and can take 17 inch laptop inside while Recon only capable of keeping 15 inch laptop. Surge 2 also has 3 main compartments in total while Recon only has 2. However, Surge 2 lacks front pouch that can be used to access things easier.

North Face Recon vs Surge 2

- 210D Cordura® nylon mini-ripstop (Dune Beige
- Imported
- Iconic 30-liter backpack updated with a stretch front stash pocket and improved organization
- Nylon
- Imported
- The North Face Surge II Cosmic Blue-Asphalt Grey Backpack

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally great and you should base your decision on what device you have. If you have laptop bigger than 15 inch, it is best to pick Surge 2 but if you have the regular 13 inch laptop, we will highly recommend you North Face Recon.