North Face Jester vs Columbia Northport

For those who prefer to travel light and avoid carrying many things that will hinder their movement latter, backpack is definitely a very reliable friend to have. If you are also loving how one can carry many without much fuss, North Face Jester Vs Columbia Northport are two good models to have in your gear list. Not only for travelling, they are a perfect day pack for your adventure as well but, see what they can offer first before shopping so we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which to Choose Between Suitcase and Backpack
– What are North Face Jester and Columbia Northport
– What North Face Jester and Columbia Northport Look like
– How are the Laptop Sleeve in North Face Jester and Columbia Northport
– How are the Main Compartment in North Face Jester and Columbia Northport
– How are the Second Compartment in North Face Jester and Columbia Northport
– Are North Face Jester and Columbia Northport Waterproof
– North Face Jester Vs Columbia Northport

Suitcase or Backpack
Whether you are a student, an office worker, or an entrepreneur, most of us have various things to carry while traveling or just go somewhere such as notebook, tablet, a laptop, and other daily gears that will support our activities. Of course carrying it by hand is not convenient especially if you have many of them which is why we often carry bag or backpack and other types of compartments to safely store those gears while being moved around everyday.

Students will need a backpack to store all of their notes and laptop while travelers need a suitcase or backpack to carry their belongings including change or clothes, shoes, and many other necessities. While students won’t carry suitcase or small pack to school due to the amount of books they need to bring, as travelers thing can get a bit complicated as our options are varying from one person to another. In general, we will have to choose to go with a suitcase, a bigger backpack, or a smaller one that we can stow below the airplane seat.

Everytime we want to pack for a vacation, some of the time spared to decide which compartment to go and it can be a time consuming as well, moreover, if you are not sure what to do when arriving at the destination. But, we are sure most of us have certain goal when arriving such as enjoying the scenery of those unfamiliar places or hurriedly go to attend those relative’s wedding reception because different activities will lead to different compartment to carry.

Each one of them has pros and cons so there is no one compartment for all occasions. Suitcase especially those hard shell type is ideal choice if your baggage will get handled roughly but don’t need to move much once arriving at the destination such as traveling for business appointments or visiting family member whose arranging an event like wedding ceremony. It is easy to move on a smooth surface and will keep clothing folded inside more organized to avoid wrinkles and similar issues.

On the other hand, if you are a minimalist who choose to travel freely and hunts for places in which will require much adventuring then backpack is the friendlier option. We don’t have to worry about bad pavements or having to carry the pack for long since it is snuggling on our back and many backpacks today have suspension to let you carry with ease. It is compact and we can fit clothes only as needed for there are place called laundry here and there.

About North Face Jester and Columbia Northport
Overall, backpack is the ace when it comes to convenient and versatile but not very fitting for a more formal occasions or traveling when users are staying at nice hotels or resorts and more for adventurer who spend most of their time outside. Additionally, backpack is also versatile especially those in medium size because we can use it as daypack as well to campus or school and even office for there are lots of space inside to fit anything you need for the day.

If you are looking for a backpack that can be versatile enough for daily pack or to accompany your journey to new places, North Face and Columbia will be two of the best options to go. We are sure that almost everyone is familiar with these brands because their products are available almost everywhere, especially those who are fond of doing outdoor activities because this is what these companies are focusing at. They also have a wide range of products including backpack.

However, the most versatile daypack for one day trailing or for everyday backpack are their Jester and Northport daypack. Both of them are falling into the medium size backpack and are sturdy enough for various occasions but the size is not very suitable for those who plan to hike for days since they can only carry the amount of needs we require for about a day. Another thing we love from North Face Jester and Columbia Northport is their price range for they are very affordable.

We also think that they can be a great companion for your other main backpack while traveling because the small size should fit just fine under airplane seat or overhead storage in a train and bus. Next is their compartment and wide space inside to put the gears and any belongings we used to carry around without lacking rooms but we also agree that backpack like North Face Surge Vs Borealis are far better in terms of organizer.

North Face Jester and Columbia Northport Design
As a daypack, one of the most important things for many of us is probably fashion but since it is very personal, we are not sure that all of us can agree that these backpacks are nicely styled with fairly generic shape and contoured to fit in your back. If black is not your favorite colors, both of them are offered in a huge selections of color to pick such as light grey or red but, North Face does have much more to choose compared to Columbia.

When it comes to dimension, North Face Jester and Columbia Northport are fairly compact but the former is in general slightly bigger by being measured at 19.75-inch tall, 13.25-inch wide, and 7.5-inch thick while the latter is at 18.8-inch tall, 12.3-inch wide, and 6.3-inch thick yet, the capacity are the same at 28-liters. Additionally, as you can see on the sample picture above, they are equally featured with tensional front bungee at the front for carrying jacket, attaching a helmet or your bucket hat.

North Face Jester and Columbia Northport Laptop Sleeve
One of the first thing we always check when looking for a backpack is the special compartments especially those made as daypack that we will use everyday and the most necessary sleeve we must have will be the laptop compartments. Almost all of daypack marketed today have a laptop sleeve but their size can be different and this is also what we found in these backpack since Jester can accommodate 13-inch laptop or MacBook while Columbia Northport can keep up to 15-inch laptop inside.

What’s surprising is that we actually can fit the same laptop inside Jester despite the specification said it can only fit 13-inch laptop. But, it is still unfortunate that there is no securing strap that we can fasten or clip to keep the laptop from slipping outside its compartment in any of these backpacks. Yet, we think they are decently padded from the back but still, we don’t recommend to just throw them when keeping delicate electronics inside.

North Face Jester and Columbia Northport Main Compartment
Next to this laptop sleeve is the main compartment which is where we should place most of the belongings and this space is quite large as well; equally the same on both models. It can fit college books, notes, and several other small things like glasses case. If it is used for day hike, we can fit a water bottle, jackets, shirts, some snacks or if used as a daypack we can even fit a pair of another shoes for exercising later.

North Face Jester and Columbia Northport Second Compartment
Besides the main compartment we also have another compartment at the front and here is where small things will be organized so gadgets like smartphones, compact cameras, cables, pens, or small notebook can go perfectly. North Face Jester featured some of its compartments with zipper so if there are keys or changes you want to keep inside they won’t get scattered when the backpack is turned over. The biggest sleeve in this room can keep tablet but the lack of padding making them not very safe for delicate electronics.

North Face Jester and Columbia Northport Wet Performance
On the waterproofing side, North Face Jester and Columbia Northport are not fully protected from water because if you see closely, there is no additional flap which is used to cover their zippers and it is very unfortunate. Jester is not claiming to be waterproof but as long as we don’t stand for long outside while it was raining, the water will just clump and slide away from your backpack. Northport on the other hand is listed with Columbia Omni Shield advanced repellency and it works similar to Jester but not fully waterproof due to lack of zipper flap.

These backpacks are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to do day trail, spend a night outside while adventuring, as a daypack to school or office, and a companion for your main backpack while travelling. North Face Jester and Columbia Northport are very similar in general but North Face do provide better small compartments at the second rooms with zippers. The main rooms are equally wide and both are safe against little rain but not fully waterproof. In addition, the padding in Jester especially on the rear area is far better and very plush.

North Face Jester vs Columbia Northport

- 600D Polyester
- 2 Zip Closed Main Pockets
- Hydration Pack Compatible
- Two Side Water Bottle Pockets
- 1727 Cubic Inches
- Padded Laptop Sleeve
- Padded Adjustable Straps
- 2 stretchable side water bottle pockets

We are sure that any of them can do the work just fine as daypack so the choice is all yours but, if you are not decided yet, we do like North Face Jester better because it has plush back padding, have chest strap, and aesthetically more attractive.