North Face Borealis vs Recon

North Face is one of the most renowned brands in the world. North Face is known to produce various high-quality outerwear, coats, footwear, as well as outdoor gear such as backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. This brand’s lines are mostly aimed towards college students, mountaineers, climbers, hikers, and endurance athletes. In the following article, we are going to discuss the comparisons between two North Face bags standing in a similar price range. They are North Face Borealis and North Face Recon. The Borealis is usually available at a slightly lower price point than the Recon. So, besides the prices, what’s actually the difference?

Designs and Dimensions
Both North Face Borealis and North Face Recon are compact and lightweight backpacks suitable for daily use and commuting. Both bags have been constructed from similar nylon and polyester materials that are flexible yet highly durable. Both models also have well-padded backs and shoulder straps, along with the winged towable hip belt and removable sternum strap. The hip belt and sternum strap are very useful to help to stabilize the bag when you are jogging or riding a bike. Both models are available in various color choices. See Also: North Face Borealis vs Patagonia Refugio.

Despite the similarities, North Face Recon is actually slightly larger than North Face Borealis. The Recon’s total capacity volume is about 31 liters, which is more than the Borealis’s 28 liters. The extra capacity is always a nice plus point that can be handy whenever you need stuff some additional tools or snacks inside the bag.

The most noticeable difference between these two bags is that North Face Recon is coming with a front stash pocket, in which you can store large items such as a basketball or large overcoat. With this feature, North Face Recon can have significantly more storage capacity than North Face Borealis. There is also an external fleece-lined top pocket for your mobile phone or sunglasses. On the other hand, North Face Borealis does not have any front stash pocket or external top pocket. Instead, North Face Borealis features an external bungee cord on the front side of the bag, which you can use to hang things such as trekking poles or a bike helmet.

North Face Borealis vs Recon

- Classic 28-liter backpack updated with easy-to-access pockets
- Padded

North Face Recon is generally more suitable for daily use, commuting, and backpack traveling. The larger capacity and additional pockets are very useful. On the other hand, North Face Borealis can be your choice if you prefer to have the front bungee cord instead.