Moab 10 vs Rush 12

5.11 is well known for their tactical gears from heavy duty belt to various kind of tactical packs. In this article, we are going to talk about two of them; the Moab 10 and Rush 12. Both are made with high quality materials and provide you with huge compartments and many pockets to organize your gears. If you are looking for durable and dependable packs, you may want to read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Moab 10 and Rush 12
– What Moab 10 and Rush 12 can offer to you
– Moab 10 vs Rush 12

About Moab 10
Moab 10 is a sling backpack by the famous tactical gear brand 5.11 Tactical. This backpack is a part of the Rush series of premium quality gear packs form the brand. The MOAB 10 is designed to be a grab and go backpack rather than big tactical backpack, which is the most popular products from 5.11. The MOAB name is the acronym of Mobile Operation Attachment Bag. The size is very suitable for everyday pack used with only the bag or you may strap it onto your larger bag.

Moab 10 Features
Moab 10 is made from sturdy but lightweight 1050D nylon with six external pockets or compartments. Two hidden pockets in the pack include a small, shallow, zipper accessible, fleece lined sunglasses pocket and a hidden pocket that was lined with Velcro, which is great to carry firearm. There is a small attached pockets to carry small things like headset. The main compartment have a large shove it pouch, a dual sided access set of mesh pockets and dual zipper-accessible center pouch. At the backside of the pack, there are also a variety of pouches to keep your pen or pencils and business card/ID slots.

About Rush 12
Rush 12 is a tactical backpack from the famous tactical gear company 5.11. This backpack is designed for both tactical use and as everyday pack. Made with water resistant 1050D nylon material, the pack is perfect for outdoor activity. The main compartment is huge enough to carry all of your gears and additional pockets to organize your things better. Even though you pack it with many things, Rush 12 will still be very comfortable with the sternum strap that you can strap around your chest as well as to add some stability. If you need another tactical pack recommendation, you may want to read our article on Rush 72 vs Rush 24 here.

Rush 12 Features
Rush 12 main compartment is spacious enough with 21.2 liters capacity but with only 1250 grams in weight. The bag might be too small or awkward in people with larger build but will look good on people with medium built. There is retention pocket at the back to keep essential items, such as folded papers, cash and cards. Inside the main pocket, there are two small mesh pockets to store small essentials like lighter and keys. At the top of the bag, there is fleece lined pocket to keep delicate items, such as sunglasses. Near the pocket there is zippered compartment where you can keep things like passport, visa and other important documents when travelling. The shoulder straps is well padded to avoid back pain, even though you have to load the bag to its full capacity.

Now, let’s compare MOAB 10 and Rush 12. From the outside we can see that both of them are set apart by size, shape and main purpose. MOAB 10 is more suitable to be used as daily pack to keep important things when commuting in urban areas, while Rush 12 is more suitable for hunting pack or tactical assault pack. MOAB 10 all over capacity is 18 liters, while Rush 12 main compartment capacity is 21.2 liters and all over capacity is 24 liters.

Moab 10 vs Rush 12

- Nylon
- Imported
- Tier System connections – can attach to RUSH packs, DC Roller
- Water-resistant 1050D nylon
- Made in USA or Imported
- The RUSH12 Backpack is a high performance multipurpose bag

All in all, the choice is all yours. If you are not plan on using it as your outdoor pack or looking for a simple pack to keep your important belongings with you on the go MOAB 10 is the most suitable one, but if you want to take the pack for no longer than a day in outdoor activity, we highly recommended Rush 12 for you.