Kelty Cosmic 20 vs Kelty Tuck 22

Camping is an activity that would make you happy because you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the chill mountain air, and also for its tranquil atmosphere. But, camping in the mountains could be fun if you do less preparation. Therefore, the equipments should be complete before camping in the Hill. Bring a sleeping bag when camping in the Hill will be making your body warm while sleeping. Therefore, with a sleeping bag, you dont have to worry about freezing in a long night. For the curious with the Kelty Cosmic 20 vs Kelty Tuck 22 and the reason why you guys are here also is this, eat this it would be very fitting!

Kelty Cosmic 20
Enjoy the warm, comfortable, three seasons in the cosmic Kelty Cosmic 20 sleeping bag. Cosmic 20 is filled with 600 DriDown fills, which gives a high-to-weight warmth ratio that makes it down so big, but has been treated with a repellent finish so it will not be really useful if things get a bit damp. Smart features like collar over design and hood, full-length tube design, and a ground-level coat keeps cool from creeping into your bag, and sleeping loop pads and loop boats keep everything positioned exactly where you need them.

Sack stuffs include enabling this beast compress to make packing your backpack easier, too, because a sleeping bag is no better if you can not fit into your package. This bag features with a 20 degree temperature rating and 600 waterproof DriDown insulation fill. It also has Thermal-comfort hoods, top designed collar, natural fit footbox, anti-hose tube design, and sack goods included. Whether you’re new to outdoors or you’re just due to a new bag that will not break the bank, cosmic Kelty down 20 is the best choice for money to get you going, so we’re Top Pick for backpacking and camping budgets.

Kelty Tuck 22
Lightweight and retractable, Kelty Tuck 20/EN 22 sleeping bags include the Zipper Tuck comfort system for easy temperature setting and better night’s sleep. Easily pull one or both legs out on a warmer night, or keep a tight zip to burn your fingers when the temperature drops. ThermaPro insulation is a blend of fibers engineered to maintain warmth & provide superior packability. The materials are quite strong and of good quality, although for the price you pay it is not something you should expect it to be amazing. If you want a quality bag this one worth considering.

This competitor has the largest eating size between each of our sleeping bag reviews. That said, when compared to other sub $100 sleeping bags, Tuck performance is not terrible – it just simply does not compare the more expensive models. That’s double the Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Spark 35 and roughly 1/3 bigger than The North Face cat Meong. The Kelty Tuck sleeping bag comes with matching sack items that are easy enough to compress the bag into. And you really ‘stuff’ that sacks on, do not roll it, it works great!

Kelty Cosmic 20 vs Kelty Tuck 22

- 50D polyester taffeta liner
- 50D down-proof polyester ripstop shell
- Revolutionary
- 60 inch dual-slider, locking zipper
- Tuck 22 perfect for camping in Spring
- 22 Degree ThermaPro synthetic insulation
- Thermal comfort hood
- Weight 3 lbs

Again and again, price or cost become the main reason to choose one thing between two choices. Because, there is no more important thing than that and may be the second one is comfort. If you have no problem with the cost’s offered by Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag, you can further to get it as soon as possible. We are sure that the quality is worth to the cost itself. On the other hand, if you currently tight in budget, then we think you should try Kelty Tuck 22. It is not bad at all, just in case they are different especially quality and materials.