JanSport vs Kanken

Your backpack is probably one of the most important things to carry everyday because they contain various gears, devices, tools, and lots of other items we will be utilizing during the time we are away from our home. For those who are looking for a daily pack, JanSport Vs Kanken are two amazing choices to consider for their durability and easy organizing system. If you are also eyeing these bags, go check what they can offer below and decide which model will fit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Backpack to Purchase
  • What are JanSport and Kanken
  • What JanSport and Kanken Look Like
  • How are the Main Compartment in JanSport and Kanken
  • How are the External Compartment in JanSport and Kanken
  • Are JanSport and Kanken Comfortable
  • JanSport Vs Kanken

Backpack for Your Application

Everywhere you are going, we will be seeing people carrying bags on their arms, hands, shoulders, and any type of bag which contains some of their belongings. This is the most convenient way to carry items while we are away from home or our living place because everything can be stored in one room or item without you having to rummage pockets to find the correct object we are currently needing. Both men and women used bags but the type and fashion is a matter of taste.

Among those many types of bags available out there, it is arguable that backpack is the most popular among users because of their convenience. Of course not all of us prefer the carrier but they are also the easiest to carry both for students, travelers, as well as adult workers. Here are some types of daily backpack to consider depending on who you are and what the carrier is meant to accomplish.

  • Daypack

Daily pack or often called as daypack is the smallest one in backpack family because it is meant to be used for daily needs so usually you will find them with capacity from 1200 to 2500 cubic inches or up to 40 liters. Depending on the type of these daypacks, many of them are designed to carry particular gear and for specific activity.

  • Daypack for Hiking

If you will be spending the time for about six hours but also carrying water, lunch, and some extra clothing just to be sure when we have to experience some weather condition, a hiking daypack with shoulder straps and sternum strap will be great to stabilize the pack. The recommended capacity for this type of pack is up to 33 liters and if you need to carry clothes, capacity up to 50 liters will be sufficient.

  • Daypack for Climbing

This is another specialized pack for certain activities and what you may notice from the product is that they have a very minimum exterior pockets unlike our common backpacks. The waist should be removable or not present because the fewer things that can get caught on things, the better the backpack is. Sizing itself depends on how much gear we should have; for example if you will be heading for a day of sport climbing then the pack should be larger as well.

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Daypack for School and Commuting

As you may already know, we parents should not let our children carry more than 10%-15% of their body weight to prevent any back issues as they grow up. The more compact the bag is better as it won’t exceed the maximum weight and depending on the purpose or what the user needs to carry inside, a compartment such as laptop sleeve will probably be necessary to the addition of an organizer of smaller items.

About JanSport and Kanken

If you already have an idea and image of how the backpack should be, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because you will be faced with tons of options. Backpacks are easy to access, they are cheap and available from a huge amount of companies from those names we often heard of to those we are not aware of yet. Price does play an important part in making the bag durable especially for outdoor purpose as well as how good the overall quality will be. 

Budget is important for we don’t have to spend too much just to get a reliable backpack but we do prefer to stay with well-known names because they are more trusted and have tons of models to choose from in case you will need to match the choice with the application. Among those many backpack or bag brands out there, JanSport and Kanken bag from Fjallraven will be two of the most popular options to consider. We are sure most people are familiar with these two as a durable daypack.

We mostly see young people using these packs but adults who will be commuting with their belongings to their office are going to benefit from how convenient these bags will be. JanSport have lots of choices in the catalogue and for this comparison we will be picking the popular Superbreak backpack and the Kanken pack. Both of them are probably what most of us are familiar with but they do have more options based on what you need from the packs.

What we love from JanSport and Kanken is that they are quite affordable and last pretty long for the budget but also simple. Depending on the model, the compartments will be different as well and both packs we are talking about today are more of a daypack for commuters and travelers who will not be carrying lots of delicate electronics for none of them will be ideal for this application. Read also: Herschel Vs JanSport.

JanSport and Kanken Design

In most cases we choose a backpack for their look, and yes we do it as well since the first thing caught our eyes is their design and color or pattern option if available. JanSport and Kanken are very simple with a straightforward look and attractive color choices such as this Superbreak in Viking red option or the Kanken in accord/ox red combination. They however, have different shape or form since the former is more modern with this square bottom and round top.

The latter has this classic design which is adopted from the original shape back then since 1978 where the top and bottom are an equal square. In a glance Kanken will look like a handbag because it is featured with two top handles but they are also compatible with a back carrying system for you will find the shoulder strap here as well. Shade choices are almost unlimited on both models and you can pick based on your own preference.

JanSport and Kanken Main Compartment

The first thing you will need to consider when shopping for a new backpack is their compartment and here starting with Superbreak by JanSport, this bag is very simple with one huge main compartment that can be opened at more than 50% of the room. For this model there is no laptop sleeve inside but you will find one in Kanken in which the back panel is also padded to add some cushioning when you need to lay the backpack down.

The pack height is taller in JanSport at 42cm compared to 38cm as well as wider at 33cm compared to 27cm so 13/14-inch standard laptop should not be a problem to be fitted inside. Overall you can fit lots of items inside from notebooks, jackets, and even spare shoes if you need any.

JanSport and Kanken External Compartment

Moving to the external compartment, here you can find one small pocket on the front and these are ideal to fit smaller device such as smartphone or music player but Superbreak from JanSport will also fit a small organizer sleeve here to put marker, highlighter, or pens and similar items while Kanken is a full single room. What’s better on the latter is they do give you a water bottle pocket at the side in which not present in Superbreak.

This bottle sleeve is one of favorite because you can fit is separately from the main compartment which what we used to do with this JanSport bag and it ease you when having to sip the water for we don’t have to open the main compartment; at times we can grab the bottle as we sling Kanken on the back conveniently.

JanSport and Kanken Comfort

The last point we want to talk about here is their comfort and instantly we can say that JanSport is better here because this model is coming with a padded shoulder strap. None of these packs are designed to carry a heavy load but these padding is nice on your body as we carry textbooks inside unlike the thin one in Kanken. Kanken ones feel fine for a short walk or lighter load but if you need to stand a lot during commuting or traveling, the strap will quickly get hurt.

JanSport vs Kanken

Both of these popular backpacks will be a great choice as your daypack but they are also different because Kanken have laptop sleeve inside, has a more compact body, and have a dedicated water bottle sleeve but JanSport has bigger room, have a small organizer inside its external pocket, and our own favorite padded shoulder strap for additional comfort when you need to fit a heavier load.

- The most trusted name in backpacks - every Jansport comes with a lifetime . Carry your Jansport with confidence, knowing we'll replace or repair any breaks
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- ROOMY: 16 L of storage space for everything you need and some things you don't. Measures 14.9" (38 cm) x 10.6" (27 cm) x 5.1" (13 cm). Weighs 0.7 lb.
- HERITAGE: Durable, timeless, functional. Since 1960.


There is no bad option between the two but if you will be carrying a laptop, the best option is Kanken but if you will be carrying a heavier load then the best choice is JanSport or this Superbreak bag in which we also like for its shape and capacity.