Herschel vs JanSport

A backpack is probably one of your most important compartments to have everyday because here is where our daily gears are kept and transported with, including electronic devices or some documentation. There are various bag or backpack brands out there such as Herschel Vs JanSport which are equally popular because of the high-quality, effective, and priced well. It makes them an ideal option for almost everyone but, you may also want to know which model to get so go check what they can offer here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Choosing a Backpack
  • What are Herschel and JanSport
  • What Herschel and JanSport Look Like
  • How are the Compartments in Herschel and JanSport
  • What else Herschel and JanSport
  • Are Herschel and JanSport Comfortable
  • Herschel Vs JanSport

Backpack and Its Advantages

Imagine living without a portable compartment that we can carry everywhere, it is sure will be a nightmare to try managing our daily tools and gears and fitting all of them into our pocket. A bag is very useful for it can provide a portability to almost all of your tools from notebook, tablets, water bottle, wallet, keys, and many other small items that are prone to be lost in your hoodie or trouser pockets. Depending on the users, our option however can vary widely.

For men a backpack is probably the most popular compartment to choose while women may choose a sling bag or a wide purse to fit all of their makeup, perfume, phones, and cards or wallets. Backpack is also the most common carrier for students due to its capability to fit lots of things but still being ideal to be carried around on their back. The backpack design makes it easier to have a heavier load without hurting your shoulders in comparison to a sling bag or duffel bag.

  • Backpack and Capacity

The first thing we love about backpack is their capacity. It is true that this compartment comes in sizes and some are mini or micro that we are not pretty sure what can we actually carry inside but, in general backpacks are coming in decent size to fit at least your notebooks. There are models designed for travelling and models made as your daily pack. Their collapsible nature also makes it ideal to fit them on different spots and they are suitable for different types of items.

  • Backpack and Comfort

The next huge pros of backpack is their comfort because we don’t think there is a carrier that can offer the same level of comfort a backpack can offer. They are allowing users to carry heavier weight with more ease due to the double shoulder strap system. You can carry a heavy sling bag or duffel bag only for a few minutes but travelling with a backpack is still offering a lot of comfort especially when users have to move around with their luggage a lot.

  • Backpack and Organizing

Having an unorganized compartment can be stressful at times such as when you need to take out a certain item and we don’t know where exactly it is inside a bunch of other belongings. A backpack can have a top or front opening and along with the main compartment they usually have another layer of additional room to provide a proper compartment for your smaller items like pens, keys, notes and passport or delicate electronics such as phones and tablets while some may have additional loop for your baseball cap.

 Herschel JanSport
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About  Herschel and JanSport

For those who prefer compact and easy to carry compartment that can fit lots of stuff, a backpack will be an ideal companion for your daily activities but, there are so many of them in the market and this can be confusing when you need to shop quickly. If you don’t have much time to spare, we do recommend getting the backpack from a well-known brands because chances they will have more reliable products and wider options to choose from in order to match your personal style.

Among those many brands, two of the most popular backpack brands, Herschel and JanSport are two of the most amazing choices for users who are shopping for a day pack to be used as their daily compartment to school or work. We are sure most people even those who are not currently looking to buy a backpack will be familiar with these brands due to the wide popularity so you can find them almost everywhere worn by both men and women.

Besides the quality that has been proven to last very long these brands are also amazing when it comes to product collections for you will find tons of designs here from those we can use to fit daily gears to those made for traveling and business trips. They also have small items like pen case and wallets to let you organize the items inside better and price wise, they are pretty much affordable with stylish color options as well as shape and design.

Since there are so many of them, in this article we will be talking about their popular backpack only and we are choosing a daypack today so our choice ends up with the most popular Pop Quiz Classic and Superbreak backpack respectively. These are the models we see worn by students and young people because these are ideal for the certain application by not being too big but enough to just keep lots of daily items inside yet the design itself is very simple and straightforward.

Herschel and JanSport Design

Just like any day packs out there, Herschel and JanSport made their popular pack to be simple but attractive from the appearance with a clean looking and various different single color to choose from. Today we fell in love with the blue jeans and black Pop Quiz and with the stylish red of Superbreak. You can find lots of other color variants in their catalogue but all of them are subtle and not too glaring to match them with most daily outfits we have. 

Depending on the availability and model these are falling into the medium size and for the exact specification Herschel Pop Quiz capacity is 22 liters while the Superbreak is 25 liters. Dimension wise they are not too big as well measured about 17.5-inch tall, 11.75-inch wide, and 6-inch deep compared to 16-inch tall, 13-inch wide, and 8.5-inch deep. As for the fabric, they are made from polyester which may appear a little bit thin but very durable. Read also: Under Armour Hustle 3.0 Vs 4.0.

Herschel and JanSport Main Compartment

Moving further, let’s see the compartment available in Herschel and JanSport especially between the Pop Quiz and Superbreak model. Starting from the main compartment, here you can find a fairly huge main room which is quite different because for this model the latter doesn’t feature anything inside including a laptop sleeve so while you can fit 13-inch Mac inside, there is no padding to protect the device in which Herschel is generously padding its sleeve to fit up to 15-inch Mac.

In addition, the Pop Quiz backpack also gives you a small pocket inside located at the side to keep small devices such as phones or your handheld console so we can reach them easily without having to rummage the main room.

External Compartment

Moving further, this backpack also has a soft pocket that we can access from the outside to keep your delicate items such as glasses without being scratched. From the outside we have another pocket with padding liner in Pop Quiz but both of them have some organization here. The additional sleeve is useful to put your small notes, pen or pencil and marker easily while Herschel in this model will feature a small key holder as well, just in case you are prone to forget where to put the keys. 

JanSport does have a lot of laptop suitable backpacks in the catalogue such as the Big Student pack but for the Superbreak, it is not ideal if you will be carrying the device here.

Herschel and JanSport Feature

As for the additional feature, besides the durable material, Herschel and JanSport are also putting a cover on top of their zippers so rain drizzle will not be a problem and it conceal the zipper when you are in crowded places to be more secure. We do hope there is at least a water bottle pocket here but there is none on both of them. For those who love listening to music, Pop Quiz has a small slot to pull the headphone cable outside while the main device is inside.

Herschel and JanSport Comfort

The last point we want to mention is their comfort and on this side both of these backpacks are equally comfortable. There is just enough padding on the shoulder strap which is also porous to make sure they are breathable during warm seasons. They are not very ideal for heavier loads however, because there is no back support here and we also don’t recommend using the day pack in outdoor activities because none of them are waterproof nor rugged enough to sustain the condition.

Herschel vs JanSport

Both of these brands are a very ideal choice for anyone who is in the market to get a day pack because they carry tons of options. In this article we are talking about the Pop Quiz and Superbreak backpacks but they have many more and features as well as compartments vary across models. Between these two Harschel is more ideal as a school or day pack while Superbreak from JanSport is more suitable for traveling companions or just as a basic pack.

- 100% Polyester
- Imported
- 100% Polyester lining
- 15" shoulder drop
- 15" shoulder drop


All in all you can go well with any of them and quality wise they are very similar to each other so make sure to get the correct model for your application but for those who consider getting Pop Quiz from Herschel or Superbreak from JanSport, we do prefer the former as it is more versatile and convenient.