Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack Review: Simple and Versatile Backpack

You must notice that most of the backpacks in the market are extremely well-made. Not only that they put a high standard on their items, but they also develop the features from time to time. In this case, we have a product which is the best example of how a good features backpack can be. This product is the Herschel production which is named as Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack. The backpack is intended for the school and works with many features and a wide range of storage pockets and the organizers. Herschel Pop Quiz is made of 100% Polyester material which is very suitable for many customers as it is imported from outside of America. It has tons of features that you can overlook, so without further halt, let’s see the explanation below.

Herschel Pop Quiz backpack is very unique in term of its features whereas there is a significant range of versatility in its features. You can use it in such versatility as it is made with that purpose. First, you can find out the signature stripped fabric liner which works like the air circulation system. Then you can find the padded and fleece lined 15” laptop sleeve and external pocket with organizers and key clip. These features are made for the sake of customers comfort when using it. The company tries their best in giving the users the best backpack which is comfortable and needs just minimal effort. After that, you can also see the front storage sleeve with the waterproof zipper. As you know the zipper is not that durable to water so with the waterproof feature, you can enjoy it without needing to worry changing the zipper again and again. Last but not least, it has the internal media pocket with the headphone port.

What people search in their backpack or bag is usually about how much they can put their baggage inside it or about its overall comfort. That’s why Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack offers such versatility to its customers where you get the big baggage and also easy to used backpack. However, there is something that is different in this backpack as it is more suitable to use it to carry your books or the office’s items. There are tons of positive reviews about Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack when used as the backpack for the school or office activities. The design is also quite nice which is why you can use this backpack everywhere without any problems. The shoulder is very helpful to carry heavy items inside it. You won’t get too sore as it’s shoulder is designed especially for this aspect. The two-way zip closure also makes it easier to open or close the backpack without any problem. Lastly, the material is just pretty good for a quite affordable product.

- Signature striped fabric liner - Padded and fleece lined 15 inch laptop sleeve - Front pocket with internal mesh organizers and key clip - Waterproof zipper detail

In overall Herschel Pop Quiz doesn’t give too many special features or any kind of technology. The product is emphasized in its based quality which is why this backpack is very suitable for you who loves the simplicity and easy-to-bring backpack.

Specifications of Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack
100% Polyester
100% Polyester lining
13″ wide
16″ high
15″ shoulder drop
Zipper closure
Sleeve accommodates up to 15″ laptop
Fleece-lined accessory pocket
Front pocket with internal mesh organizers

Pros of Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack
– Very comfortable
– Has a 15” laptop sleeve
– Handy pockets to keep things organized
– Highly durable
– Various color choices

Price of Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack
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