Eberlestock J34 vs J107

Between Eberlestock J34 vs J107, which one is better? Both are durable, heavy-duty hunting backpacks that are loved by many hunters because of their superior features and quality. If you can only buy one backpack for the rest of your life, go get Eberlestock J34 or Eberlestock J107, and you will not regret. None of their rivals can come near to give a real competition, especially because they are compact and lightweight. Below, we will see the comparisons between Eberlestock J34 and Eberlestock J107 to help you decide which one is better.

Design and Size
In terms of design, Eberlestock J34 and Eberlestock J107 are slightly different. Eberlestock J34 is a significantly slimmer version, and it is also more lightweight. As a result, it is much easier to carry around. On the other hand, Eberlestock J107 is quite bigger and heavier because this model is designed to take some real load and to serve for backpacking gear.

Nevertheless, although their designs are different, there are some similarities. Eberlestock J34 and Eberlestock J107 share the same length adjustment so that they can be adjusted to suit different people.

In terms of comfort, both of Eberlestock J34 vs J107 are very comfortable. Their impressive comfortability is also one major reason why these backpacks are very popular. Nevertheless, although Eberlestock J34 is highly comfortable and is no slouch for a heavy load, Eberlestock J107 is much nicer on your back. This is especially true when carrying a particularly heavy load. Eberlestock J107 spreads the weight more evenly so that your back will not get too tired.

In addition, Eberlestock J107 allows more breathability. The design is very nice as it allows very good air circulation. You will find that your back gets more air across the middle when wearing this backpack. The enhanced breathability also means that your sweat will be able to evaporate more quickly and more easily. Eberlestock J107 uses a different type of foam in its shoulder straps. This foam seems to absorb less sweat and water. This foam also breathes a little better. In short, Eberlestock J107 offers superior comfort and breathability compared to that of Eberlestock J34.

As mentioned above, Eberlestock J34 is a significantly slimmer and more compact version. However, it is not too small. It even has enough room for some bulks of meats. You can use it to pack out some deer and elk meat and even head antlers. There are also waterproof zippers that you can utilize to store some important items.

On the other hand, Eberlestock J107 is bigger, and the capacity is larger. It can hold more meat. If you often hunt for the big games, this model makes a better choice.

Eberlestock J34 vs J107

- If you're going to own just one hunting pack
- Extremely versatile
- Starting at an ultra-compact 2300 cubic inches
- Polyester
- Made in the USA or Imported
- Color: UNICAM Dry Aramid color

In general, Eberlestock J107 is more recommended because it is more comfortable and it has better capacity. Despite the bigger size, it tends to fit better. The weight distribution is excellent. However, if you prefer to be as compact and lightweight as possible, Eberlestock J34 makes the way to go.