ClickPack Pro Review: Anti-Theft Protection, In Style

Theft is a major concern when traveling with a backpack. Even with the zippers locked properly, evil-minded people still can rip the fabric to steal your valuables. ClickPack Pro from Korin Design stemmed from this issue; it came from Kick starter for an effective anti-theft backpack. In this ClickPack Pro review, we’ll see whether it is effective and worth the money.

Below, we will discuss about:
– The design and ergonomics of the backpack
– The storage capacity and organization features
– The durability and build quality
– What security and anti-theft features that it possesses
– Whether you should get ClickPack Pro or not

ClickPack Pro is quite compact, and it is definitely very lightweight. It measures approximately 17.7 inches long, 11.8 inches wide, and 6.3 inches thick when fully loaded. The weight of the backpack alone is barely 2.2 lbs. And it is incredibly comfortable to carry. See also: North Face Router vs Surge.

Even if you carry a laptop, a tablet, and several books in the backpack, it won’t weigh down your back very much. Playing a pivotal role here is the sophisticated, well-designed shoulder straps. They are made from a very sturdy material, and are ergonomically designed.

These straps come with a wrap-around design. They can be adjusted for a precise, comfortable fit. They distribute the weight nicely so that the burden won’t be concentrated on the shoulders or on just a single point on your back. Plus, they have generous padding, so the backpack remains comfortable even after more than an hour of wearing it.

Storage Capacity
Obviously, ClickPack Pro is not an enormous backpack. However, the internal space is spacious enough for most daily commuting needs. It is also suitable for an equipment bag for a short trip. The backpack has enough room for all important and delicate items that you don’t want to check in, including a mirrorless or DSLR camera, and some soft clothes.

Note that this backpack is not large enough for long trips. If you only want to bring a single bag in a travel that goes for more than one day, ClickPack Pro is not for you.

While the internal space is great for a general daypack, there won’t be much room left for spare clothes after you load it with your equipment and accessories. Perhaps a better approach for a long trip is by using this backpack only for your electronic devices and important items and another bag for your clothes.

Laptop and Tablet Compartments
Most other backpacks usually only come with a single electronic device compartment, so you need to decide whether you are going to use it for your laptop or tablet. ClickPack Pro can save you from the hard decision because it comes with two dedicated sleeves for your laptop and tablet. This is awesome. Both sleeves have soft velvet inserts to keep the devices properly protected.There is a Velcro strap to secure these devices in place.

The laptop sleeve can hold a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. Even if you put your laptop inside a shell case, you can still fit the whole thing into the sleeve. Meanwhile, the tablet sleeve can hold a tablet of up to 10 inches. Both of these sleeves are located on the back, so you can easily take them out when going through a security checkpoint at a transport hub.

Pouches and Secret Pockets
Several pouches come included with ClickPack Pro. These pouches are designed to attach to the Velcro strap which secures the laptop and tablet sleeves on the back. You can use these pouches for organizing small items, such as toiletries, chargers, and cables. However, you can also remove these pouches or use them separately from the backpack to free up some room.

The walls of the bag itself already have several internal pockets. They are handy for mobile phones, power packs, and external hard drives. One particular pocket is for a power bank; this one has a hole that allows you to recharge a mobile device without having to take out the power bank from the bag.

Furthermore, ClickPack Pro is equipped with several secret pockets. These small pockets are located in places where nobody would look into. There is a small sleeve in the strap, which is handy for easy access to hotel cards and the likes. There is another small external pocket with a zipper and attached key ring; a perfectly suitable secret spot for keys. Finally, there is a wide one that sits right against your back when the backpack is being worn.

The fabric is really durable. Both the fabric and zippers are slash-proof, so they can’t be sliced open by pens, knives, and other sharp objects. For sure, the fabric will also help the backpack to last for a very long time before getting worn.

The fabric of the backpack is actually quite resistant against light rain and minor water splashes. However, it is not completely waterproof, so it will still let moisture come in if submerged or exposed to heavy rain for a long enough. Fortunately, ClickPack Pro comes with its own raincover. You should bring this raincover all the time, in case that you can’t avoid a rain storm during your trip.

Anti-Theft Features
As mentioned above, the backpack’s fabric is very durable. It can’t be sliced open by sharp objects. In addition, it is equipped with a TSA-approved lock to secure your belongings with your own passcode.

This TSA lock can also be connected to a metal coil inside one of the side pockets. This coil is useful for securing your backpack to a fixed item, such as an immovable bench, table, or rack. The coil locks into the TSA lock. It allows you to leave the bag unattended momentarily in hostels and some public areas.

And there is an RFID pouch for securing your passports, financial documents, and credit cards. The pouch will prevent pesky scanners from reading your credit cards without your concern.

- Authentic Clickpack Pro anti-theft backpack lets you enjoy the scenery. Good Design Award 2017; iF Design Award 2018. US patent pending - TechTriple anti-theft protection. TSA lock, retractable metal wire lock, YKK double layer, proof zipper, special slash resistant fabric. Five major storage compartments for practical pocket-separation

ClickPack Pro is an excellent anti-theft backpack. The build quality is excellent. The fabric is slash-proof and very durable, so people can’t just rip it apart. The other anti-theft features, such as the metal coil, TSA lock, and RFID pouch are also useful. The storage capacity is large enough for a daypack or equipment bag, and there are plenty of organization options. You should get ClickPack Pro if you want a backpack with optimum security features.

ClickPack Pro Review: Specifications
• Size – 17.7in x 11.8 in x 6.3 in (45 cm x 30 cm x 16 cm)
• Weight – 2.2 lbs
• Color – Gray
• Custom bi-metallic zipper
• Spliced, high-density polyester fiber for comfort and load bearing
• Unique weight reduction system with wrap-around shoulder straps
• Five storage compartments
• A dedicated sleeve for a laptop of up to 15.6″
• A dedicated sleeve for aniPad/tabletof up to 10″
• Triple anti-theft protection
• YKK double player proof zipper
• Retractable metallic wire lock
• Special slash-resistant fabric, cut-resistant level 4
• Includes a rain cover and carrying bag

ClickPack Pro Review: Pros
– Very durable, slash-proof fabric
– Excellent security features
– Spacious storage with multiple pockets and pouches
– Lightweight, very comfortable to wear
– Water-resistant, includes a waterproof raincover

ClickPack Pro Review: Price
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