Camelbak Mule vs Mule NV

If you are trying to find a suitable bag for yourself, you probably need to mind some aspects from the bag. You need to see its maximum storage ability, its material, and even its durability. There are various bags out there which are pretty good in quality, but you probably need to search it more carefully as the market won’t give too much price cutting as the best quality bag or backpack is usually an expensive one. So here is two backpacks that probably will give you what you probably want, the Camelbak Mule and Mule NV. These two backpacks are the best example of the hydration backpack which offers various aspects for you traveling activity.

Camelbak Mule is a hydration backpack which has many features, compact and also works as the water reservoir. On the other hand, Mule NV is a very similar backpack which is using some new features like the addition for the better performance. The most notable one is the NV back panel. So if you are interested in these backpacks, let’s see the comparison below.

Camelbak Mule offers a good balance in its features. As you know, many backpacks are made with too many features which make the originality and main function fade away. But not with Camelbak Mule, this backpack is made for the purpose of giving the balance backpack which has item storage and water storage at the same time. The positive point of Camelbak Mule is its item cargo, and water storage is equally sized which make it very balanced and versatile. You can also get the Antidote reservoir feature, easy-open cap, and the lightweight fill port.

On the opposite, the Mule NV is giving you the similar features, but it adds some small variation to its overall body. The most noticeable one is its NV back panel which provides excellent venting and convenient access to the Antidote without needing the link reservoir. Then you also get the D-Fit Suspension Shoulder Harness and some security upgrade for your storage. The zipper is the same as it already has a high-quality zipper, but the MP3 pocket is using the weather resistant material now.

Camelbak Mule can be considered as one of the best hydration water in its performance. It brings such balance that all of Camelbak Mule features are on point. The best one is its water storage which can store 3 liters of water, not that big but it is well on point whereas the item storage is more or less the same big with its water storage. This product itself is really comfortable when used, very durable, and also the stability is pretty good. The stability of Mule is most likely what makes the hiking and biking become an easy task as you won’t need to worry about your baggage falling out of your hand.

On the other hand, the Mule NV is really similar to Mule in its features, but in reality, its performance is quite different each other. The first thing that you will notice is about its simple design where you won’t need to think too much when trying to grab your item. After that, you will notice that your water can sustain such temperature, it is designed specially that your water coolness won’t fade even in bad terrain. Other than that, it has a pretty fantastic durability, good water bladder, and the room is bigger than what Camelbak Mule has.

Camelbak Mule vs Mule NV

- The iconic M.U.L.E is the perfect balance of cargo
- Antidote Reservoir features Quick Link System
- Key Pack Features: XV back paneL
- Synthetic
- Imported
- Breathability

In overall, both products show a good performance, but Mule NV proves to be better because it is the upgrade from the Mule whereas the weak point from Mule is repaired with the addition of good features. Both are exquisite for you who loves traveling, hiking, or biking.