Camelbak Mule vs Fourteener

So, you are now looking for a hydration pack that can carry a large load of water for a long-distance trip. Camelbak Mule and Camelbak Fourteener are hydration packs with 3-liter water capacity. However, Camelbak Mule is smaller and more affordable by a few tens of bucks. On the other hand, Camelbak Fourteener is available in two sizes, both are larger than the Mule and also more expensive. So, what are the differences between Camelbak Mule vs Fourteener? Which one is the best hydration pack for you?

Storage Capacity
As mentioned above, both Camelbak Mule and Camelbak Fourteener have a hydration capacity of 3 liters each. However, the biggest difference between these two models is the storage capacity. Camelbak Mule only has a storage capacity of 9 liters. So, it can only carry your essential items. It will not be enough if you plan to bring several spare clothes without any additional bag.  See Also CamelBak BFM vs Motherlode here!

If you are looking for a hydration pack with a big storage capacity so that you won’t need to bring any other bag when traveling, Camelbak Fourteener is what you need. The Fourteener is actually available in two versions, the 20L version and the 24L version. You can choose the size that provides the storage capacity that you need.

Size and Weight
Obviously, Camelbak Mule is much more compact and lightweight if compared to the Fourteener. Even so, Camelbak Mule is considered by many people as one of the larger hydrations packs. It is still suitable for bicycling, though, as the streamlined design will not hinder your movement very much. If you want to be as lightweight and nimble as possible, you can consider getting the Mule to carry only your essential items.

Camelbak Fourteener is much larger. Once it is loaded, it will be significantly heavier as well. The 24L version is larger and heavier than the 20L version; it is quite like a real backpack. If you don’t mind carrying a real load on your back, you can consider the Fourteener.

Both of Camelbak Mule vs Fourteener come with the CRUX Reservoir hydration system, featuring the Quicklink tube connector which allows you to disconnect and reconnect the drinking tube quickly for easy refilling without having to unthread. Both also have the anti-microbial Hydro-Guard Coating that is 100% free from BPA, BPF, and BPS to ensure the safety and hygiene of the water.

Camelbak Mule has an air director back panel which has been optimized to enhance the air circulation to keep your back cool. However, this back panel is not very thick and not very supportive.

Camelbak Fourteener comes with the NV back panel. It has articulated upper pods that enhance the breathability, support, and comfort. It also has a bigger lower pod that optimizes the load weight distribution.

Camelbak Mule vs Fourteener

- Crux delivers 20% more water per sip
- Magnetic Tube Trap™ keeps your tube secure and accessible when you need it
- Air director back panel offers air channels to keep your back cool
- Crux delivers 20% more water per sip
- Separate reservoir compartment stows your water supply away
- NV™ back panel features upper pods that articulate for maximum comfort

If you don’t need a very large storage capacity, Camelbak Mule is the way to go. It is a great choice if you need the large hydration capacity, but you want to keep the pack nimble and lightweight. However, if you need a larger storage capacity because you don’t want to carry any other bag besides your hydration pack, Camelbak Fourteener is the way to go.