Camelbak Mule vs Ambush

If you are the type of person who loves doing the activity such like hiking, biking, or traveling, then it is better for you if you carry a backpack as the backpack will be very useful on many occasions. There are a lot of backpacks in the market, but the backpack which guarantees you the durability for traveling and other harsh activity are very limited. Here are two that give that kind of experience for you, the Camelbak Mule and the Ambush. The Camelback Mule is a hydration backpack which is compact, lightweight and has a 3-liter water reservoir.

You probably will love this backpack if you are adventurers as its reservoir is pretty useful on many occasions. On the other hand, there is the Camelbak Ambush. This product is also a hydration backpack which can save up to 7 liters of water in its water storage. The space of this backpack is pretty questionable whereas aside from its massive water storage, there are probably just two pockets available to store the food and other items. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

The Features of Camelbak Mule is pretty variation. Mule offers a perfect balance between the item cargo and water storage which makes this a very balanced hydration backpack. You can also find the Antidote reservoir features, easy-open cap, and lightweight fill port. Those features seem to affect the overall performance, but the effect is pretty much minimal compared to its storage. Last but not least is its key pack features whereas there are XV back panel, magnetic tube trap, bike tool organizer pocket, and four point compression.

On the other hand, the Camelbak Ambush offers a couple of interesting features. First is the external refill access which allows for a quick refill without needing to remove the pack. Then you get the side release shoulder straps and the Multiple drink tube exit ports. These are used for routing drink tube over the shoulder or under the arm. Lastly, you can see the top and bottom external pockets hold small essentials lightweight, durable rip-stop Cordura fabric.

With so many features in Camelbak Mule, we don’t need to explain it one by one because all these features work for the user’s comfort. The best one though is its water storage which can store up to 3 liters of water, the best part of Mule is about its balance factor whereas Ambush doesn’t think the balance and barely gives space for other items. In term of stability, Mule and Ambush differs slightly whereas Mule’s strap system does a fantastic job in providing the pack with such stability even when you are hiking or biking. The Ambush itself also offers quite a good stability, but the feel differs from Mule as Ambush is made for the military use, so the power and effort needed in both products are different.

Camelbak Mule vs Ambush

- The iconic M.U.L.E is the perfect balance of cargo
- Antidote Reservoir features Quick Link System
- Key Pack Features: XV back paneL
- Hydration capacity: 100 oz / 3L
- Total Capacity: 3.28L (200 cu in) + 3L Reservoir
- Total Weight: 1.6 lbs / .71 kg (pack only)

Camelbak Mule is definitely better than Ambush if used for the hiking or biking activities. The performance is magnificent with its balance storage and its good stability allowing you to use it in every place. But if you want to try a military equipment or you barely need items other than the water, then you can try the Camelbak Ambush.