CamelBak Mule Review: Simple Hydration Pack with Nice Nice Features

A bag for intensive outdoor activities ideally should have an integrated water reservoir. This way, you will be able to easily rehydrate your body after a long way down the road. If you can integrate the water container into your bag, why should you eat storage space with water bottles? That’s why CamelBak Mule can be an excellent solution. CamelBak Mule is actually a hydration pack that has been designed into a compact bag. It is simple and straightforward to use, and the relatively small size makes it more suitable for short trips and light backpackers. It has decent water capacity sufficient for a full day, and the high-quality materials ensure that it will survive through a blast and won’t alter the taste of the liquid.

CamelBak Mule is a relatively compact bag. It is not too small, able to contain a bunch of stuff, but not too big either to hinder your movement. It is the perfect balance of cargo and hydration, presented in a feature-rich narrow-gauge design. The backpack is made from a combination of several fabrics, including the 70D Diamond Clarus, 420 Nylon with DWR, and 1000 mm PU coating. These materials have given the backpack superior durability. It is very unlikely to break, unless in an extreme condition. It has multiple compartments and pockets. The shoulder straps are soft and comfy, and there is also a detachable hip belt for additional support. The hydration tube comes out from the top of the bag and ends in a pretty big cap. There are multiple color options available, such as the black Charcoal, the red Barbados Cherry, the blue Electric Blue, the orange Parisian Night, and the green Andean Toucan. CamelBak Mule appears simple and classy.

Water Reservoir
CamelBak Mule is equipped with the new Antidote reservoir with 3 liters capacity. Such capacity should be enough for more than a full day, as humans drink just two liters of water in a day. Thus, CamelBak Mule can be a good choice for a one-day trip. The reservoir is integrated to the Quick Link System, featuring the easy open/close cap with Big Bite Valve, allowing your mouth to reach for the drink easily. It also has a lightweight fill port and dryer arms.

Storage Features
For storage, CamelBak Mule has multiple pockets and decent total capacity. The total storage capacity is 11 liters. You can put some meals and supplies in the main compartment. There are also helmet hooks, bike tool organizer pockets, a magnetic tube trap, and a four-point compression. Thus, you can easily keep small things like keys and phones organized inside. There are three internal slip pockets inside the bag. Outside, there are three exterior pockets, which are very useful for quick access to particular equipment.

- Synthetic - Imported - The iconic M.U.L.E is the perfect balance of cargo - Antidote reservoir features quick Link system

Specifications of CamelBak Mule
Name: MULE hydration pack
Built by: CamelBak
Weight: 1.48 lbs (0.67 kg)
Dimensions: 17.5 in x 8.5 in x 8 in (45 cm x 21 cm x 20 cm)
Torso Length: 16 inches
Storage Capacity: 11 liters
Water Capacity: 3 liters
Fabric: 70D Diamond Clarus, 420 Nylon with DWR, 1000 mm PU coating
New 100 oz (3 L) Antidote reservoir with Quick Link System
patented Big Bite Valve
1/4 turn easy open/close cap
dryer arms
lightweight fillport
center baffling
PureFlow tube
HydroGuard technology
easy-to-clean wide-mouth opening

Pros of CamelBak Mule
– Compact, lightweight, low-profile design
– Decent water capacity
– High-quality reservoir that does not alter the taste of the water
– Easy to use, easy to clean valve
– Nice storage capacity and features

Price of CamelBak Mule
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