Camelbak Hawg vs 5.11 Rush 12

In the following article, we will discuss about two tactical molle daypacks that are quite affordable and very popular on the market: Camelbak Hawg vs 5.11 Rush 12. These two tactical molle daypacks are loved by many people because of their excellent features and quality. So, which one is the better product? To answer that question, we will see the differences between these two models based on several aspects. Continue reading below!

First of all, let’s compare the dimensions of these two daypacks. They do have very different sizes and weights. You should consider whether you really need a compact, lightweight model or you are fine with a bulky and heavy model.

5.11 Rush 12 is both larger and heavier than Camelbak Hawg. This model measures 17 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide. If your locker in the gym is not very large, there is a chance that this backpack will not fit – at least not without turning it sideways. Meanwhile, the weight is about 3.0 lbs. Most of the weight comes from the thick 1000D construction and extra molle webbing.

On the other hand, Camelbak Hawg is taller but significantly slimmer. It measures 19 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide. The more compact design makes it easier to fit in a tight space. In addition, this model is about 26% lighter with a weight of about 2.2 lbs, thanks to the more lightweight 500D Cordura construction.

If you need an extremely tough and durable daypack, 5.11 Rush 12 is the model that will satisfy you. With the 100D construction, it can withstand almost any abuse. Even if you fall from your bike and land on the top of the daypack, it probably won’t get a scratch.

On the other hand, Camelbak Hawg is also quite tough and durable, but it is not as durable as the 5.11 Rush 12 daypack. But, as far as the durability per weight ratio is concerned, this daypack is quite good. It has good abrasion resistance, which means that it takes a lot to get scratched or ripped.

There are several notable differences between Camelbak Hawg vs 5.11 Rush 12. In general, 5.11 Rush 12 is more feature-packed. It comes with molle webs on the sides so that you can attach your tactical pouches there. The shoulder pads are wide, contoured, and thickly padded. They also have molle webs for attaching more tactical pouches. On the top, you can find lined pockets for sunglasses or phones. Although the reservoir hose is very simple, this daypack is great because some of the interior pockets are large enough to contain multi-tools and the likes.

On the other hand, Camelbak Hawg does not have molle webs on the sides and shoulder pads. The design is more streamlined. It is meant to be nimble and lightweight. For sure, it is more comfortable. Unfortunately, the slip pockets inside the daypack are not large enough to hold multi-tools.

Camelbak Hawg vs 5.11 Rush 12

- 100% Nylon
- Made in US
- Hydration capacity: 100 oz/3 L
- Water-resistant 1050D nylon
- Imported
- The RUSH12 Backpack is a high performance multipurpose bag that fills multiple roles,

If you need a very tough and durable daypack with lots of molle webs, 5.11 Rush 12 is the way to go. Note that it is quite bulky and heavy. Some of the interior pockets are large enough for multi-tools. On the other hand, Camelbak Hawg can be your choice if you prefer a nimble, lightweight daypack.