Camelbak Blowfish vs Mule

Camelbak Blowfish and Camelbak Mule are two hydration packs that fall into the same price range. Well, that’s just how far the similarity goes. These two hydration packs come with very different sets of features. Clearly, these two models are geared towards different groups of users. Camelbak Blowfish has a larger storage capacity but smaller water reservoir, whereas Camelbak Mule features a smaller storage capacity but larger water reservoir. See the detailed comparisons between Camelbak Blowfish vs Mule below!

Design and Dimensions
Unsurprisingly, Camelbak Blowfish has the larger overall size. The dimensions measure 19.5 inches x 8 inches x 7.5 inches. It is quite bulkier, as it features two exterior pockets in addition to the main storage compartment and reservoir. This model is slightly heavier at 1 lb 10 oz. Note that this model has cut down some pounds by going frameless. It does not have any internal frame, while the fabrics used are nylon and polyurethane-coated polyester. The frameless design may make it flimsy, and loading it may be a little difficult.

On the other hand, Camelbak Mule is quite slimmer, measuring 19 inches x 10.5 inches x 3 inches. It has four external pockets plus a storage compartment. The weight is about 1 lb 5 oz. This model features an internal frame which maintains the structure and stability. It is much easier to load and use. See our previous post: Camelbak Mule vs Fourteener.

Storage and Hydration Capacity
These two hydration packs are emphasized on different aspects. Camelbak Blowfish has a much more spacious storage compartment with a total capacity of 18 liters. With such space, you can easily put down multiple clothes and equipment. However, the hydration capacity is only 2 liters. This model is suitable for relatively short trips that require you to bring a heavy load, such as hiking.

On the other hand, Camelbak Mule is great for bicycling and mountain biking. When doing such activities, people typically only carry their essential items. You don’t need a very spacious storage space. The Mule has a 9-liter storage compartment, which is already more than enough for your essential items. The hydration capacity is 3 liters; it is great for the longer bike trips.

Other Features
Finally, let’s see the additional features of Camelbak Blowback vs Camelbak Mule. Both models have breathable back pads that are very comfortable. They both also have adjustable shoulder and belt straps. The Blowback is equipped with the Big Bite valve which is very easy to use – just bite the valve and sip the water. The HydroLock valve secures the water to prevent any spillage.

Camelbak Mule comes with the new Crux water reservoir, which is said to deliver 20% more water per sip. It has an ergonomic handle for easy refilling and an on/off switch which prevents leaks. It also has built-in helmet carry hooks.

Camelbak Blowfish vs Mule

- Mesh
- Antidote Reservoir features easy open/close cap and low-profile design
- Bike tool organizer pocket
- Crux delivers 20% more water per sip
- Magnetic Tube Trap™ keeps your tube secure
- Air director back panel offers air channels

If you need a spacious storage compartment, you should choose Camelbak Blowfish. This model has a hydration capacity of 2 liters, though, and is frameless. This model is good for hiking. If you prefer a nimble hydration pack that can hold 3 liters of water, choose Camelbak Mule. It is especially suitable for bike trips.