CamelBak BFM vs Motherlode

A military duffel bag or often called with Cargo back is one type of bag that is in use on your back and in use in the military. Of the many duffel bag that has been produced, there are several categories of types of bags our military group and one of them was a military duffel bag especially on the CamelBak brand was enough. Then, we narrow the scope again to just make a review on a specific model. CamelBak BFM vs. Motherlode are having their turn today to be reviewed here in this page.

CamelBak BFM
CamelBak BFM vs 5.11 Rush 72 may have several point of similarities, but since it was written differently, you may read it too. CamelBak BFM is a cargo pack that designed to keep you well-hydrated and comfortable on the most intense missions you have. The size is 21 x 20 x 14 inch to accommodate the rugged durable 100 oz per 3 Liters spec antidote reservoir, which can provide reliable hydration whenever you want it. There is a multiple drink tube exit points too for routing the drink tube over your shoulder or even under your arm for enhanced convenience. It has a low profile composite MOLLE panel on the front that can absolutely support accessory pouches whereas an external access pocket can also store your glasses, goggles as well as NVG.

The fukk clamshell opening and the 4 zippers on the major compartment provide you with a multiple point of access to your own gear. Also, ASIPS radio attachment points hold comms securely and feature dual antenna ports as well. The shoulder harness and back panel are lightweight, so you will like it since it can provide a better distribution and comfort when you carry even a very heavy load on your shoulders. It will totally stay well-prepared and well-hydrated while on a mission or hiking by carrying this Cargo pack.

CamelBak Motherlode
CamelBak Motherlode will give you a significant amount of gear storage space with a built-in water for ensuring you stay hydrated wither you are enjoying a day on the trail r even you are performing sensitive tactical operation in a military or law enforcement environment. The Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir included inside with the Motherlode system has redefined what constitutes the ultimate water delivery system while providing the adaptability required by changing environments. It means one thing that whether you plan to spend a last weekend relaxing in nature or need a combat-ready solution, the CamelBak Motherlode can still fit your needs.

What is next? The Motherlode is equipped with a Quick Link Exit Port as well as the patented QL HydroLock Bite Valve Adapter to ensure no leaks occur whatever the pack is used for in the future. The Motherlode also comes featured with the largest fill port in the industry which has an airtight, ¼ turn, quick open/close seal that cannot be overtightened too. All of this technology is seemed to be contained within a package that is lighter and has a lower profile than previous CamelBak products to produce the perfect tactical hydration solution. Morever, it has pockets for glasses, goggles, and night vision too.

CamelBak BFM vs Motherlode

- 100% Nylon
- Imported
- Hydration capacity: 100 oz (3 L)
- Cargo Volume: 2929 cup in (48 L)
- Total Volume: 3112 cup in (51 L)
- 100% Nylon
- Made in US
- Hydration capacity: 100 oz/3 L
- Total capacity: 2258 cu in/37L + 3L reservoir
- Total weight: 4.9 lbs/2.2 kg

There should be one bag to be chosen by you, that is why the paragraphs of conclusion is made for all articles existed here. So, between CamelBak BFM vs Motherlode, which one are you with? If we have to choose, we will recommend CamelBak BFM for a simple one, while Motherlode for getting many pockets.