CamelBak BFM vs 5.11 Rush 72

Bag with backpack models not only for climbers, but also for those who love to travel the backpacker-style. Various models and sizes of backpack can be selected. There are also the ones with holes and shaved strap over bag carrier bags, like most climbers. The size also available various capacities with a liter, there are 45 liters to 100 liters. Then, if there is a choice of bags with CamelBak BFM vs. 5.11 Rush 72, which one would you choose?

CamelBak BFM
CamelBak has some storage space. Safety pocket kit is specially designed for a first aid kit, although whatever the same size can be definitely saved not vice versa. The ropes are made of 420-denier high-density nylon with 10mm EVA adjustable foam shoulder harness. There is also a soft waist belt. The main compartment has a dual mesh of pocket zippers and separators. The main compartment has a total volume of 48 liters of cargo (2929 cubic inches). The rear panel has zipper access, which makes it easy to load the full reservoir. BFM fabric is 500 D Cordura. BFM is 21 “(L) with 20” (W) by 14 “(H) . The cargo capacity of the package itself is 48 liters, with three liters of reservoir. This means total volume of 3.112 cubic inches and 2.292 cubic cubic volumes.

Hydration is really where this package shines. BFM includes OMEGA Reservoir of aquatic animals with HydroLink out Port. The animal aquatic is rugged and durable as well as 500D Cordura fabric is easy to clean, tear-resistant and durable Clean takes no more than damp cloth.You can even use a little water right from your reservoir to keep your package clean on the go. CamelBak seems to really care about the products they sell. Their lifetime warranties deal with any manufacturing defects.While the company will not cover the damage caused by normal wear and tear, CamelBak promises to always work with you to resolve any issues related to their products.

5.11 Rush 72
The Rush 72 backpack is designed for use in all sorts of different environments. This bag comes in various colors (black, sandstone, storm, multi cam, dark earth, and olive boring) so you can choose the most suitable for your environment. Boring green olive drab excellent mixed into wooded areas. So what is love Rush 72 when it comes to features? Some of the most important notes for making include: built for a full 72 hours in the field, it is built from a high-stanth 1050-denier nylon with water-repellant PUx2 coating, has a flexible main compartment with a 21 inch high specification by 13.5 inches by 9 inch with internal divider too. The main compartment and dual-feature features font zip with pull handles formed with internal organization that integrated the pockets as well.

It is equipped with an out-of-pocket admin for maps, pens, documents, etc. as well as pocket-lined sunglasses. There is another large, pocket hydration with hangers and switches and MOLLE plaited platforms in front and side. Another very useful feature of the Rush 72 main compartment is its zipper setup. Dual zipper allows you to unzip the main compartment all the way around. It allows you to load your front teeth almost like you would with a suitcase. The main compartment also comes with two groom drainage to remove water or moisture that finds their way in the package during heavy use.

CamelBak BFM vs 5.11 Rush 72

- 100% Nylon
- Imported
- Hydration capacity: 100 oz (3 L)
- Cargo Volume: 2929 cup in (48 L)
- Total Volume: 3112 cup in (51 L)
- Nylon
- Imported
- Quite simply
- Has a reinforced
- Also has three mesh admin compartments

There are some different pros based on the review on each bag on CamelBak BFM vs 5.11 Rush 72 that become another positive sides from them. CamelBak has 8 pockets outside and 4 pockets interior, while Rush72 only has more with 6 outer pockets and 13 interior pockets. The other consideration is on capacity which CamelBak become the winner with 3142 CU IN vs 2894 CU IN. But, we do not recommend the Rush 72 over CamelBak just because the material used id not durable enough especially for you who think that comfort is the number one thing.