Badlands 2200 Review: Incredibly Versatile, Comfortable, and Spacious

As a hunter, you should already know that even the best hunting gear can be rendered useless if you can’t access it when needed. Because of that, having a quick, unobstructed access to your equipment inside the backpack is incredibly important. That’s why Badlands 2200 can be an excellent choice for you who are still not sure yet about which hunting backpack that you should get. In addition, Badlands 2200 is also an extremely rugged and durable backpack, comfortable, and feature-packed. Badlands 2200 is highly versatile, as the backpack can function as both a daypack and a big game meat-hauler. Now, let’s get to know more about this awesome backpack!

Any Badlands 2200 owner will tell you that the bag is very durable. All thanks to the T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame and KXO-32 fabric. The T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame is extremely solid and sturdy, yet also lightweight. Meanwhile, the KXO-32 fabric is very strong, especially if you compare it to the camo fabrics used by the other backpacks. This revolutionary fabric possesses a waterproof Teflon membrane that keeps it soft and silent, even in the heaviest rain and the coldest environment.

The back panel and shoulder straps are well padded, ensuring optimum comfort for extended wearing sessions. Together, the frame, anatomically molded hip, and lumbar and shoulder straps work in integration to distribute the total weight. The back support has baffling to allow some cooling, and the baffling is actually zippered to allow access into the main compartment. This way, you will be able to reach the objects placed at the bottom of the backpack easily.

One of the best features of Badlands 2200 is the meat shelf. It comes with a blaze orange meat shelf that is strategically placed on the bottom end of the exterior, inside a zippered compartment. You can open the compartment to unfurl a canvas material which you can use to hold the game meat, and hide the canvas inside the compartment when not used. Therefore, you can use Badlands 2200 as a daypack as well as a meat-hauler.

Badlands 2200 is also compatible with hydration bladders. It has a dedicated compartment for a 2-liter hydration bladder. There is a hole at the top of the pack, through which you can snake the tube and bite valve and direct them toward your head. There are multiple pockets and wing pouches for carrying smaller objects and create some organization. There are also rear straps for strapping a gun, either a bow or a rifle. To secure a bow, you just need to use the rear straps. To secure a rifle, the same straps are used, with an addition of a drop out pouch to hold the butt of the rifle.

Badlands 2200 has 1980 cubic inches main compartment volume, 2250 cubic inches total storage volume. Such capacity is undoubtedly sufficient to carry all of your hunting gear and supplies. An unconditional lifetime warranty will ease your mind, as you will be able to get the backpack repaired – that is, if damage happens at all.

- KXO-32 fabric - Made in the USA or Imported - The 2200 covers all the bases with a built-in meat shelf - comfortable carry

Specifications of Badlands 2200
Dimensions: 19″ x 17″ x 9″
Total Weight: 5 lb 15 oz
Volume Total: 2250 CI
Volume Main: 1980 CI
Carry Compatible: Rifle, Pistol, Bow
Fits Reservoir Size: 2 liters
Pockets: 7
T-6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame
KXO-32 Fabric
Built-In Blaze Orange Meat Shelf
Zippered Back-Panel Access
Integrated Spotting Scope Pocket
Hip-Belt Pistol Holster

Pros of Badlands 2200
– High-quality, durable, waterproof frame and fabric
– Very versatile, can function as both a daypack and a meat-hauler
– Spacious storage with multiple access methods
– Handy pockets, gun holster, and reservoir compartment
– Unconditional lifetime warranty!

Price of Badlands 2200
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